This Hilarious Sign Battle Between Two Big Brands Represents Friendly Competition at Its Finest

Although friendly rivalries between local businesses are common, they are not usually public knowledge. This local Wendy's and Pure Water, however, decided to use a different battle tactic.


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It all started when Pure Water put up a sign stating that a local coach could drink there for free. Not to be outdone, Wendy's also put up a sign inviting the same coach to free food and drinks at Wendy's. Pure Water noticed the sign and posted on their own board calling Wendy's out for their copycat techniques. Wendy's responded to the accusation, sparking a full-blown sign battle filled with hilarious puns and witty insults.

Sadly, not everyone appreciated the friendly competition, and Wendy's employees had to inform their opponents that the sign battle must come to an end.


Click HERE for photos of the full competition!