Here's What Your Fave Top Ramen Flavor Reveals About You

While you slurped up the noddles of your Top Ramen, you probably never realized your fave flavor revealed a ton about your personality. Well, it does.

Keep scrolling to discover what your ramen flavor of choice shares about the type of person you are.


You're the sweetest, kindest, most caring individual anyone will ever meet. You're the type of friend who everyone turns to when they need a shoulder to cry on or when they require your expert advice on anything. Somehow you always know just what to do. Your friends are the most important thing to you, so you always make sure to let them know how much you appreciate them being in your life.

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You're solid as a rock, so you have a tough time expressing your emotions. You just don't want others to know how sensitive you really are, which is why you usually work things out on your own. It takes a lot for you to open up to others, but once you befriend someone, you're with them for life.

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Hot and Spicy Beef

You're basically the human version of a well-balanced meal. You've got it all going for you. You like what you like, but you're also always open to trying new things. No one ever really knows what to expect when you come around, but you don't mind. You find great pleasure in keeping people on their toes. You're not an easy one to figure out, huh?

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You're the ray of sunshine everyone needs in their life. Sure, you have your fair share of bad days and traumatic life events, but you don't let anything or anyone keep you down. You're neither an optimist or a pessimist, but much more of a realist. You've mastered the art of rolling with the punches. If only everyone were as resilient as you.

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Soy Sauce

You're a total introvert. You're not shy, but you'd much rather spend your days indoors watching Netflix or reading a good book. It's just so much easier that way, especially because you find yourself getting worn out rather quickly when you're around large groups of people. Who can blame you? People can be so annoying!



You're the life of the party. You have a very entrancing personality that draws people in, so you have no problem making friends. You're not one for routine, which is why having tons of besties works out in your favor. You can play video games with one group, then go hiking with another. No two days are ever quite the same for you.

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You have this innate ability to easily see the outcomes of any decision you make, which makes it so tough for you to figure out what to do in various situations. You just want everyone to be happy, so you're no stranger to compromising. Whenever your friends are fighting, you're always the one to make sure they quickly make up and become besties again.

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You're not boring, you're just particular. You're insanely organized and possess unreal time-management skills, so you're nothing short of responsible. Everyone can count on you to get the job done, which is why you're generally always the leader of any group project.

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Because you prefer your Top Ramen uncooked, it's clear you don't play by the rules. You're a pretty rebellious individual who never takes "no" for an answer. Nothing will get in your way on your quest to world domination. You're also a pretty curious person, questioning why and how things came to be. Your mind is full of random trivia.

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