Dream About Kissing a Friend? Here's What It Means, According to an Expert

Have you ever woken up from a dream and wondered what in the world your subconscious was trying to tell you?

Believe us, we've been there a few times. And if one of your most recent dreams had to do with kissing a friend, we bet you have quite a few questions rolling around in your head. Does it mean you have feelings for that person or something else entirely? We were curious, and we were able to turn to an expert for answers.

Ashleigh Sacks is a dream interpretation expert for JustAnswer, and we got the chance to ask her all of our most pressing questions on the topic. If you've just dreamed about kissing someone and are wondering what it all means, keep reading for the answer.

Sweety High: What does it generally mean if you find yourself kissing someone in a dream?

Ashleigh Sacks: There is no single universal interpretation of a "dream symbol" such as kissing. The reason being is that each person experiences their reality subjectively and their thoughts, feelings and ideas factor into the meaning and interpretation of any given dream. Dreams are a time for the subconscious to solidify information, challenge fears, recognize threats and explore emotions, hopes and aspirations.

The feelings of the dreamer are important in a "kissing dream." Was it a positive or negative experience? Essentially kissing reflects an act that in its most positive form reflects love, passion and intimacy. However, it can convey the opposite if the experience is negative. The interpretation of this dream will also be influenced by where you kissed the person and the environment in which it takes place.

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Does this usually signal something romantic? What other symbolism might a kiss have within a dream, and what else might this say about you, and your relationship to the person you're kissing in the dream?

AS: Dreams about kissing do not always have an underlying romantic connotation. They could also symbolize loyalty, desire, interest, comfort and even friendship.


SH: What are the major differences between kissing a friend or simple acquaintance in a dream vs. someone you have a crush on?

AS: Depending on who you are kissing in your dream—the interpretation would be different. Some examples include:

Kissing a stranger? This may reflect your need for adventure or a warning that you are going against your values or beliefs in another area of your life.

Kissing a friend? This may be about comfort, loyalty and companionship—it may or may not reflect romantic feelings. This can show strong bonds and trust. This may also symbolize the support you receive in this relationship.

Kissing your partner? Attraction, passion, commitment.

Kissing an acquaintance or someone forbidden? Reflects or represents a possible connection and potential for attraction. It can also be your subconscious's way to explore this act in a non-threatening way.

Kissing your love interest or crush? This symbolizes your sexual attraction and wish fulfillment. Some interpreters even say that if you are having this dream about your crush it symbolizes that its manifestation is on its way.

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SH: Are there any main takeaways we should have after a dream about kissing someone?

AS: Kissing can also allow a person to explore their interest, desire and preferences in a non-threatening way. How you feel about the kiss will determine the interpretation of the dream. Take into consideration how you felt while kissing this person. If you did not enjoy the kiss, it could reflect anxiety, threats or insecurities within your relationship.


SH: Is there anything else we should know about these types of dreams?

AS: Your dreams are always about you and often even the person you are kissing is just a reflection of an inner part of you. The person serves as a mirror of your desires, insecurities or preferences.

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