4 Reasons Why Abercrombie Should Be Your New (and Old) Favorite Store

Many of us remember the heyday of the Abercrombie & Fitch craze: the shirtless male models standing outside, the suffocating smell of cologne that fills your lungs and the dark store that made finding the price tag difficult.

The styles that encompassed our childhoods ranged from those navy polos we all just had to have to the way-too-long henley tees and the camisoles you'd sport beneath them.

If you've seemingly all but forgotten the brand in recent years (or were born after its surge) you wouldn't be alone. However, it's time for this long-lost favorite of the 2000s to become a mainstay in your closet again. In case it hasn't already hit your feed on TikTok or Instagram, here are just a few reasons why Abercrombie should be your new favorite store (yes, again):

1. Their Size Inclusivity and Diverse Representation

It's hard to forget when Abercrombie & Fitch and their little sister store, Hollister, got in trouble for essentially only hiring people who were deemed "hot" (the sales representatives were actually known as "models," after all) and for discriminating against people with certain body types. Most notably, they did this through not carrying clothing above a certain size. Thankfully, all of this has changed in recent years, much thanks to a new CEO and a full-on rebrand. Even a quick look through their website will flood your eyes with diverse models of all sizes, shapes and colors—a beautiful sight that's a far cry from what would've been there even a decade ago. Not only does this help make everyone feel more seen, it's also better for visualizing what the clothes might actually look like on different body types and skin colors. What a concept!

Along with carrying clothing in sizes that range from XXS to XXXL and jeans sized 23 to 37 (for women's clothing), they also have collections for unisex styles as well as clothing that supports various social causes. Plus, you can make a donation to the Trevor Project with every project!


2. The Quality of Their Clothes

Of course, the look of the clothes is a key reason to shop there. Whether you have a more chill, relaxed style or like to go full-on glam and be ahead of all the trends, Abercrombie has high-quality clothes to suit every style. Plus, these clothes actually last, as they are generally better constructed than what you might find with other fast fashion stores (online or in person).


3. Their Clearance Section and Rewards Program

With good quality unfortunately comes high prices, but thankfully Abercrombie has plenty of sales and an exquisite clearance section for those of us who can't always shell out $80+ for a pair of jeans. Check for additional percentages off during occasional sales, and be sure to join their myAbercrombie rewards program to earn points and get free rewards (like $10 off coupons!).


4. Their Scent Collection

Forget the days of old when you would walk into an Abercrombie store and have your mom dramatically fan her face to breathe through the cloud of cologne—these days, the store is easier to breathe in but the scents smell just as good (in fact, better!). "Fierce" is the classic perfume and cologne, but there are plenty of scents for both men and women that suit any preference and don't break the bank, either.


So, if you've been strolling on by your local Abercrombie store for the last few years, it may be time to give it another look. And if you need a little extra inspiration to take your next trip to the mall, check out our list of style trends that you probably should have already left back in 2021 by clicking HERE.