This Is 'Only The Beginning' for Boy Band Why Don't We

Everybody's new favorite boy band Why Don't We recently surprised us with the most wonderful musical gift—their debut EP.

The EP titled Only the Beginning is pure fire, already making its way to No. 15 on Billboard's Heatseeker Albums chart! 

Why Don't We "Just the Beginning" EP

(Photo Credit: Steven Taylor)

Want to know how the guys of WDW—Jonah, Daniel, Zach, Jack and Corbyn—feel about the release of their very first EP and what's in store for their music?

Scroll below and they'll tell you themselves!

Sweety High: What makes you the most excited about this new EP?

Jonah Morais: Literally everything about it makes me so excited because I love the music so much. I think it can apply to a lot of people, and a lot of people have experienced the things we are singing about. Overall it's just a really solid EP that we are very proud of.

Daniel Seavey: I think we are all most excited about the fact this it is our first EP as a group and that it's being received so well by our fans! It motivates us to continue working hard and releasing more music.


SH: What was the inspiration behind the title Only the Beginning?

Zach Herron: Because this is literally only the beginning. Only the beginning to the music you hear from us, from shows you see from us, everything. This is the start of an amazing journey, and we can't wait to see what the future holds.

The five boys of Why Don't We

(Photo Credit: Mike Lerner)


SH: What is your favorite track on the EP?

Jack Avery: My favorite would definitely have to be "Just To See You Smile" because it has an awesome beat drop in it and it's the song we wrote to our fans saying how we would do anything for them just to see their amazing smiles.

Corbyn Besson: I love each song for a different reason, but I'd have to say my favorite song on the EP is "On My Way!" I love how vibey and cool this song is and as soon as the bass comes in I can't help but bop my head.


You can snag their new EP on iTunes and Spotify today, and they just announced their first headlining Taking You Tour. Find out more here!


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