Why Breaking Up Over the Phone or Text Could Actually Be Better

In the world of modern dating, there seem to be few widespread "rules" that most of us know about and try to, more or less, obey.

While these rules are more like common understanding than hard and fast laws that can be followed or broken, they still give us fuel to gossip about the people who "break" said understandings or simply break from the norm. However, relationships are so unique, confusing and downright difficult that it kind of just isn't fair to apply the same set of rules to every person or every situation. After all, some rules are meant to be broken!

One of these rules that have come about in the last decade-and-a-half or so is the often-agreed upon understanding that it's better to break up with someone in person. Some will claim it's simply more respectful, or that breaking up over text is crueler in some way. However, there's also an argument for the times when breaking up over the phone via a call or over text may actually be the better option for both parties involved. While it doesn't apply to every situation, here's why breaking up this way could actually be better.

1. It's a Cleaner Break

When a breakup happens in person, it can become difficult for the "dumper" of the situation to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done in the face of the person they still probably care a lot about. After all, just because they decide to end things doesn't mean that they don't care at all about how the other person feels. It can also become too easy for the "dumpee" in question to try to bargain with their partner, attempting to convince them not to let things go. While this is most common for anxious daters, sometimes the "respect" of handling a breakup in person can actually be worse for the mental health of both parties in the long run.


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2. It Protects Your Privacy

When a breakup happens over the phone or over text, you can feel free to ugly cry as you please. There's no moment of coming home with tears streaming down your face or having to deal with the thought that other people are witnessing your breakup if it happens in public. You can process the situation in peace or immediately call all your closest friends to come over—whatever you need at the time!


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3. You Can Draft Your Words Carefully

While this is especially true of breakups that occur over text rather than the phone, there is an immense benefit of being able to actually take time in your responses to the situation at hand when the breakup is not happening face-to-face. They cannot see your tears or lack thereof, but you can still be wise with your words in order to get your point across plainly and more clearly.


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