7 Big Reasons Winter Is Better Than Fall

We're nearly a month into the winter season at this point, and we are thriving.

We seriously can't get enough of chilly weather, winter festivities and falling snow, and we know we can't be the only ones. In fact, we may love this season even more than autumn. You may completely disagree, but here are the seven reasons we think winter is even better than fall.

1. The Holidays

Now, this is probably the most obvious one, but when it comes to holidays, the ones that come during the start of the winter season definitely take the cake. There's something to love for every type of person, from the gorgeous, twinkling decorations to giving and receiving presents, eating great food and even getting to enjoy those classic holiday films that are kind of weird to watch any other time of the year. And what's better than big celebrations and getting together with the people you love most? There's a good reason this is everyone's favorite time of year.

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2. Winter Break

There's another big reason the holidays are so beloved—they come with a lot of time off. Those end-of-the-year celebrations often coincide with holiday breaks from school and work, allowing us all to finally kick back, relax and really enjoy the fruits of the season. After the end of a long year, it's what we all need.


3. Even Cozier Fashions

Sure, fall styles may be cute, but we think that winter styles can be even more extravagant and spectacular. For indoor gatherings, it's the perfect time of year to wear the comfiest sweaters and knits around, but we also love that it's the season of luxurious coats and all of the faux fur you could ever dream of. You can go all out in winter and look totally fabulous, and accessorize with all of the cute scarves and beanies you've been holding onto all year.

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4. Hot Drinks

Hot drinks do hit the spot in the fall, but come the chilly winter, they're almost a necessity—which somehow makes them taste even better. There's nothing like a steamy mug of something delicious to warm you from the inside out, whether you're enjoying the great outdoors or just chilling at home, and the fact that it will warm your hands is just another great benefit.


5. Winter Baking

And nothing goes along with your wintery hot drink better than a baked good, freshly out of the oven. This truly is the best time of the year to get baking because you've got the time and the heat of the oven will only make your house nice and toasty, in contrast to the ice-cold weather outside. Plus, this is the best time to experiment with wintery spices. What's better than fresh gingerbread to really make you appreciate the joy of the season?

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6. Getting Comfy Inside

With the sun rising later and setting earlier and the weather being very cold outside, the winter gives you all of the reasons in the world to just stay home and make the most of your free time. Maybe that means working on crafts or an art discipline you're interested in, solving puzzles, spending time with family or finally bingeing those series you've been putting for a rainy (or snowy) day. And while it feels a bit gratuitous to light up the fireplace any other time of the year, this is the best time to do so, bringing warmth both physically and emotionally.


7. The Snow

While some places do get snow in the spring and fall, where we live, it tends to snow sporadically in the winter, and there are few things more beautiful than a winter wonderland covered in fresh and powdery white snow. There's nothing in the world that looks quite like a snowy landscape, and the snow brings all kinds of opportunities for fun that simply don't exist elsewhere. That means building snowmen and participating in all of the sports, from skiing and sledding to snowboarding and ice-skating, which really only work when it's icy out. And while things are a little different in these days of remote learning, if you're lucky, the snow may even get you a day off from school.

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