13 Agonizing Struggles We All Experience During Winter

The holidays are rapidly approaching, which only means one thing: Winter is coming.

While we're big fans of the season and all the joy it brings, there are a few aspects of this time of year we can do without.

Scroll below for the 13 biggest struggles we all experience during the season.

1. No matter how many layers you put on, you'll always be cold. And if it suddenly warms up, taking off those layers is a total nightmare.

2. Sure, snow is cool—until you spend time some time playing in it. You suddenly become soaking wet and every limb in your body feels like it'll freeze off.

Jack and Rose freezing after the Titanic sank

(Titanic via Paramount Pictures)

3. Snow days are awesome, until your parents force you to shovel snow all day. What a waste of a free day.

4. It takes forever for the heat to kick in when you first get into your car. And of course it doesn't really get warm until you make it to your destination.

5. Your skin is always dry. No amount of lotion can keep it moisturized. The same goes with your lips. You'll go through a tube of chapstick every hour, only for them to constantly crack.

Chapped lips

(SpongeBob SquarePants via Nickelodeon)

6. Your head will get all sorts of frosty if you leave the house without a beanie, so hat hair is inevitable. At least it saves you some time in the morning.

7. You spend a ton of money buying new winter clothes, only not to wear them and leave them hanging in your closet. Whoops!

8. Walking on ice without falling is a near-impossible feat that you've yet to master.

Bambi sliding on the ice

(Bambi via Walt Disney Productions)

9. There's an endless amount of snot constantly dripping from your nose. It won't cease running until the season's over.

10. Forcing yourself out of bed every morning is a heinous task. Being wrapped up in all those blankets makes it hard to leave.

Homer wrapped in blankets on The Simpsons

(The Simpsons via 20th Television)

11. You take excessively long, hot showers, which upsets your parents. Sorry, just trying to not freeze to death.

12. You lack all motivation to do anything, because it's so freaking cold.

13. On the bright side, once it's over, you're one step closer to summer.


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