Everything You Need to Know About Rock Boy Band WJM

Teen rock trio WJM, consisting of newcomers Will, Jeremy and Max is the new band to watch.

These super talented dudes have over 16K subscribers on YouTube and just put out a new EP titled ANIMATE. Their music is rock heavy but danceable and you'll definitely want to get to know them before they hit it big. Scroll through and find out a little bit more about them!


(Courtesy of WJM)

Full Names: William Sebastian Lipton, Jeremy Yun and Max William Simas

Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Birthdays: June 2 (Will), July 21 (Jeremy) and Nov. 8 (Max)

Zodiac Signs: Gemini (Will), Cancer (Jeremy) and Scorpio (Max)

Fun Facts:

1. Will has an amazing voice and we can't wait to see how he grows with the band. He admitted to us that his catchphrase, "cool beans," is a little overused at this point, but it's all good. As long as the boys keep the good music coming, we can deal.

2. The movie Caddyshack had a huge impact on Jeremy. "I watched it after playing a round of golf with actor Bill Murray," he shares.

3. In addition to playing drums and guitar, Max is also super into jazz music. He goes to jazz shows whenever he can.

4. Jeremy considers his dad one of his biggest heroes. "He's well-rounded and a great teacher," he explains.

5. Everyone in the band is a huge fan of the House of Mouse. In Will's opinion, the best Disney villain is Uma from Descendants.

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6. Max's favorite homemade dish is spaghetti and meatballs. It holds so many special memories for him.


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