The Women's Collective Box Is the Subscription That Empowers Women

With the majority of us stuck inside and unable to frequent our favorite businesses, it's more important than ever to support the establishments that matter in any way we can.

Here at Sweety High, we particularly try to shop with women-owned businesses in order to support other females and hold them high. So when we heard about the Women's Collective Box, the female empowerment subscription box featuring unique items from companies by women entrepreneurs, we were intrigued.

The folks behind the Women's Collective were generous enough to send us their first-ever box for spring 2020, and we were delighted to unbox it and see what goodies were in store for us.

The Box

The Women's Collective Box is a quarterly subscription box that only includes products from women-run companies, representing the artistry that women put into everything they create. 5% of all proceeds are donated to help up-and-coming female entrepreneurs develop their ideas into something concrete. That means that subscribers aren't only supporting current businesses run by women, but also future female founders.

After all, according to founder Rashelle Whiteharris, "When women work together amazing things come out of it. Our mission is to build a community of women who want to help raise each other up."

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The contents of each box value up to $200, and individual boxes are available for $54.95. However, by committing to an annual subscription, you can save $20 over the course of the year and get each box at $49.95.



The Spring 2020 Items

Lark & Ives Card Purse

Lark & Ives was Founded by Heather Sui and Karla Lim, who believe that women should look stylish and elegant no matter what they're doing. Their products are all about combining form and function, and that's exactly what this cute card purse achieves. Depending on the box you receive, you might get it in different unique shades. With its gorgeous dusty rose color, dainty tassels, and four internal pockets for carrying around your cash, coins, cards and everything else, it's sleek and thin enough to slip into any bag. Plus, we love that it's made out of high-quality vegan leather.




Made by Maeberry Handmade Clay Earrings

Made by Maeberry founder Rachael Skidmore considers jewelry to be wearable art, and it shows in the incredible offerings in her Etsy store. These handmade polymer clay earrings were designed exclusively for this box and have a cascading shape that resembles a proud woman in a dress. Ours came in white with grey speckles, but it appears different colors appear in different boxes.



Nash + Jones Kelp Clay Mask

Nash + Jones founder Kimberly Rohwer created the company after discovering that the toxins and chemicals in her beauty products were making her sick. That led her to hunt down the best natural ingredients and make her own. That's why the only ingredient in the Kelp Clay Mask is French green clay, made from decomposed plant matter and iron oxide. Even with this single ingredient, this mask exfoliates skin to scrub away dead skin cells, deep-clean pores, lift blackheads and tighten skin. To use, mix the dry power with equal parts water to create the mask, and apply to the face. It left our skin feeling squeaky clean and perfectly firm.



Bisby Empowered Candle

Founded by Aimee Best, Bisby Candles are mostly inspired by locations and cultures around the world, capturing those elements and instilling them into pretty soy candles scented with essential and fragrance oils. This Empowered candle is something different, capturing a feeling rather than a location. It smells of toasted fig, brown sugar and sweet amber, combining into an earthy dried fruit smell that's sure to get any woman through her day.


Adria Adams Co. Stickers

These stylish stickers are just too cute. They were designed by artist Adria Adams, who transforms her digital art and watercolor paintings into must-have products on her Etsy shop. These stickers were designed specifically for the Women's Collective Box, and we adore them. The other problem is they may be too precious and we don't want to waste them by sticking them in the wrong place!



Hadron Epoch Minimalist Planner

Hadron Epoch is another women-led company designed to add some style, as well as sass, to your daily routine with fabulous stationery. Our lovely planner came in black, giving it a sleek design that fits in anywhere. It's a 2020 planner with monthly calendars and prompts to write down monthly goals, but our favorite feature is the weekly planner, where there's plenty of space to write down to-dos and notes for each day of the week. After December, it also includes a financial planner for budgeting and expenses, an account log or keeping track of all of your online profiles, and plenty of space for notes.

Seeing that we're nearing the end of March, we're glad to have received this in the first quarter of the year to get plenty of use out of it. Plus, the cover of the notebook also has a funny surprise in the bolded letters.


Bottom Line

We love each and every item that arrived in the Women's Collective Box, but even more than that, we love the idea of being able to support other women. The products are beautiful, as well as practical, and even if you stumble upon a product that isn't right for you, there's probably a woman in your life you could gift it to in order to show your appreciation.

Not everyone will be able to afford a $55.95 box four times a year, but those who can will find that it's worth the investment. Otherwise, maybe one of these great items will speak to you, and you'll be inspired to support the individual brands, instead.


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