WONHO Discusses His OBSESSION Single-Album and Love For WENEE

K-pop superstar WONHO has just released his new single-album OBSESSION along with his new song "EYE ON YOU," and WENEE (WONHO's fanbase) around the world are already raving.

After just one day, the "EYE ON YOU" music video on YouTube has already garnered  3 million views, and we were excited to have the honor of chatting with WONHO about his explosive new single.

Sweety High: How do you feel right before every comeback? Do you anticipate WENEE's reaction?

WONHO: Of course! I get super excited to see WENEE's reactions. Most of the time, I'm pretty confident because I know that I've been working so hard on it, but right before I go on stage, I get a bit nervous.


Sweety High: What was the inspiration behind the title track, "EYE ON YOU"? How does it relate to the single album's concept?

WONHO:  Sometimes there are people who look at others with certain stereotypes, as if they were wearing colored glasses. In the music video of "EYE ON YOU," there are CCTVs that follow me, kind of like a gaze that follows me. When I work on my album, I set the keywords first and everything after that becomes a reference to one another. In this sense, all the photos, videos and performances are all related to the whole concept.


SH: What is your favorite part of performing live? How did it feel to hold your first offline concert?

WONHO: I love the fan-chant, the lights coming out from "WENEEBONG," the eyes of my fans and everything related to me and them. Last year, I held my first offline concert and it's hard to explain it with one word, but I would like to say, "It truly made me feel alive." WONHO Press 2

(Image courtesy of WONHO)


SH: You always ensure that your love for WENEE is known. What makes this connection so important to you?

WONHO:  First of all, I can confidently say that I'm here because I have WENEE right beside me. This is why I always ensure that I love my fans and why I think it's important to be connected to them. They've been the source of my power so I would like to serve as energy to them as well.


SH: What helps you get over stage fright or nervousness?

WONHO: I do get nervous right before I go onstage. However, the fact that I have support from my fans guides me to become who I am right now. It's really not easy to see my fans in person these days, but the energy they are emitting has an enormous impact on me. All those cheers, lights from the light-sticks. I miss them so much! 


SH: How did it feel to win an Asia Artist Award for Best Musician?

WONHO:  I want to thank my fans and precious people around me who've always loved and trusted me. I believe that I'm here because of them. It's an honor that I won the Best Musician from Asia Artist Award. I'll be an artist who will pay back that love and support with better songs and performances.

Wonho Obsession Press 1

(Image courtesy of WONHO)


SH: Which concepts do you like to do more? Light concepts like "Blue" or darker concepts like "Lose"?

WONHO: I do like both, but if I have to choose one, I think it's closer to "Lose." I'm actually trying to prepare different concepts so that my fans and the public can see the various charms that I possess. Please look forward to it! 


SH: Is there any hope for a world tour soon? Where would you like to visit?

WONHO: I hope so. This pandemic situation made it so hard and I really miss my overseas fans. I would love to visit anywhere with WENEES.


SH: What would you like to achieve in the next few years?

WONHO: Rather than having a set goal, I just want WENEE and myself to be happy and healthy. Career-wise, I would like to see my music on The Hot 100 chart!

Wonho Press 3

(Image courtesy of WONHO)


What do you want to be remembered for as an artist and a performer?

WONHO: I want to be remembered as an artist who has his own genre and musical color called WONHO. Also, it would be amazing if one can remember and refer to me as an artist who always tries to convey new charms. There are more things to show, so keep an "EYE ON ME."


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