The Worst Excuses to Stay in a Relationship

All relationships have an expiration date and sometimes you just need out.
But instead of letting your failed romance linger, consider if you're using one of the following reasons to remain together.
Keep reading for the worst excuses to stay in a relationship:
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Your S.O. Is an Amazing Tutor

Sure, we know grades are super important. But staying in a relationship because your S.O. is a great tutor? Cough up the extra cash and hire someone to help you ace your next exam.

If you're only sticking around to up your SAT score, you need to end the relationship now. A significant other should be much more than a tutor. They need to support your feelings, make you feel like a million bucks and add richness to your life. If grades are your excuse, your relationship definitely gets a big fat 'F.'


Because You Like Their Parents

Sometimes you can't help but fall in love with your S.O.'s mom and dad. They tend to be a less judgy version of your own parents, and they may even treat you like one of their own. Although falling hard for these people is common, staying in a relationship longer than you should because of them shouldn't be.

Take a serious look at the situation and figure out if you like them because they remind you of traits you wish your own parents have. If that's the case, an open convo with your 'rents could be the solution, not an expired relationship.

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Because you Have a School Dance Coming Up

School dances are overly hyped and there's a lot of anxiousness that comes with them. If you feel the vibes between you and your S.O. are starting to dull, but you need to stay in the relationship so you have a date for prom/homecoming/etc., you need to end it fast. Although it's scary to think about going alone, you should never invest in something longer than you want. Waltz your way into an honest conversation and end it before it's too late.

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Because Your S.O. Has a Car

Getting chauffeured around is obviously cool, but using somebody for their wheels? Not so much. If you feel the convenience your S.O.'s car brings is making you stay in a relationship longer than you should, you need to be honest and pump the breaks. We're pretty sure someone else with a car will come along and you'll be A-OK.


Because you Don't Want to Be the Only Person in Your Friend Group Without an S.O.

Being the third wheel doesn't feel amazing. Being a 5th or 7th wheel can end up making you feel even worse. A lot of times when our friends pair up, we feel like we need to be in relationships of our own, too. If you feel pressured to be coupled-up because everybody in your friend group is, you need to reconsider your actions. Approach this topic with your friends and you'll soon learn that they care more about your happiness than your third wheeling. Talk to your S.O. and let them down gently once you realize you don't need them to belong.

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