12 Relatively Unknown Song Lyrics You Should Consider for Your Inspirational Senior Quote

Coming up with a senior quote can be a difficult decision.

You can always go with Dr. Seuss' inspiring-yet-cliche words of wisdom, or try to be funny with some witty one-liner that could end up backfiring. But instead, why not get a little creative and use a song lyric?

Rest assured, you can do it without the process of listening to a billion songs, because we did that for you. Okay, maybe we didn't go through that many, but we definitely went through a slew of our lesser-known faves and uncovered 12 inventive and inspirational lyrics that are sure to make you stand out from your fellow classmates:

High School Musical 2 Sharpay Evans signing yearbooks

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For the girl who knows it's always best to be yourself:

The world is ours, but for a flash. And you are not allowed to be anybody else.

"(Un)lost" by The Maine


For the girl who is aware of all the power she holds:

I'm the one I was born to be.

"Power of One" by Tonight Alive


For the girl who is ready to make the most out of everything life throws at her:

This is your life. There's no way to run from it.

"Clairvoyant" by The Story So Far


For the girl who isn't about to let anything ruin her positive outlook:

When I get stopped by a train on my drive home I don't let it get to me like the rest of the world. I smile and think about how much I've grown over this year.

"I Think I'm Moving Forward" by Real Friends


For the girl who has it all together:

I'm a diamond cut to last.

"I Am Invincible" by Cassadee Pope


For the girl who is destined to be a superstar just for being herself:

I'll never be somebody else just to make it.

"I Won't Stop" by Before You Exit


For the girl who is a straight up dreamer:

Chase the one thing that don't cost a thing. Got a pocket full of dreams.

"Dreams" by Cady Groves


For the girl who makes her own rules:

Oh you wanna live forever, huh? Well then just do it.

"What Are You Waiting For?" by Paradise Fears


For the girl who isn't fazed by the haters:

Don't look down, even though they're looking down on you.

"The House You Built" by Hands Like Houses


For the girl who has totally embraced her oddball personality:

We're all just weird kids in the end.

"Attention" by We Are The In Crowd


For the girl who is ready to change the world:

I fret not, for I've made my own discovery.

"Dear Future Historians…" by Enter Shikari


For the girl who is determined to do what she loves for the rest of her life:

You got one life to love what you do.

"It's Not Right For You" by The Script


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