YouTube Star Wengie Reveals the Least Fave Video She's Ever Published

With 11.7 million YouTube subscribers and more than 759 million views, Wengie (born Wén Jié Huáng) has come a long way since her 2012 debut.

And with the eye-catching colors and captivating content that fills her videos, it's no question why she's become such a viral sensation. 

But like anyone else, the online personality—who just kicked off her Create Your Summer Tour with fellow YouTubers, Natalies Outlet and Karina Garcia—has experienced a few professional blunders along the path to success.

"It's probably hidden by now, but it was a sock look book," Wengie told Sweety High, when asked about her all-time least-liked work. "But I had fun filming it because I bought all these cute socks."

But Wengie shakes off the video with a smile.

"Never regret, always learn," she says. "I'm so grateful for the opportunities that YouTube has given me. It's really hard to even think of a regret. I feel like what I've done led me to where I am, and if I did something differently I might not be here, so I would want to do exactly the same thing again."

As for the present, Wengie says the video for her latest single, "Cake," (scroll to the bottom to watch) is, hands-down, her all-time fave piece of work.

"I love it, it's so cute and I had so much fun putting together the concepts," she says.

And quite frankly, we have to agree. All the baby pink is giving us major Barbie vibes, and we're digging it!

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Wengie's success and creativity inspires us to want YouTube careers of our own! When we asked her how to go about possibly pursuing that avenue, she advised:

"Have your 'why' you're doing it and have it be more than fame or money, because that will not give you enough power to push through when times get tough—and they will! YouTubers are the hardest working and committed people I know, and [none of the ones I know did it for the wrong reasons]."

Check out Wengie's "Cake" video below, and join her gang of #Wengiecorns by following her Instagram page HERE!


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