Yuval Barak of JUV Activewear Spills All

We don't know about you, but we could live in activewear for the rest of our lives and be perfectly content!

JUV Activewear is a brand that recently went on our radars, and it's safe to say we're obsessed with everything it has to offer. We just had to learn more about the brand and its founder, Yuval Barak, who was kind enough to answer our most burning questions in the interview, below!

Name: Yuval Barak

IG Handle: @yuvalbarak + @juvactivewear

Hometown: Tel Aviv, Israel

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Fun Facts

1. Yuval currently lives in Manila, Philippines.

2. She's learned a big lesson in perseverance.

"As a young female entrepreneur, I have had to learn the importance of perseverance. After struggling to keep my business afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic, I made the difficult decision to close it and start over in a new location. I poured my heart and soul into building a desirable activewear brand, serving as the packager, model and photo editor for my own company. Undoubtedly, it was a challenging journey, but I never gave up on my dreams. Luckily my resilience paid off as I was able to grow JUV into the brand that it is today. I want everyone to know that if you aren't successful the first time, try and try again. If you're passionate about something, the journey is always worth it; you'll learn that you are stronger than you think and in the end, you can look back on every hardship, every failure, and appreciate them because they got you and your business where it is today."

-Yuval Barak

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3. Her favorite person to follow on TikTok is Alix Earle.


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4. Yuval's personal style is a reflection of everything her brand JUV represents.

"Comfortable, cozy, on-trend and high-quality. It is inspired by my love for movement, health, wellness and an active lifestyle. I always want to feel as though my style is complementing my lifestyle, so I usually find myself inspired by different workout classes, trends, etc."

-Yuval Barak

5. Her favorite piece from her closet is the Charm Set from JUV.

6. Yuval is into all things trendy.

"I have a very trendy sense of style and love to follow any new trends from TikTok, Instagram, etc. I'm definitely a girly girl when it comes to style and am currently favoring anything feminine and tennis skirts!"

-Yuval Barak

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7. When she's in a rush, you can almost always find her in something from JUV.

8. Yuval believes that style is unique to each and every person.

"You don't have to dress like anyone else or wear anything you don't like. Once I realized that style could be empowering and a way to express yourself, your values and your creativity, I became obsessed. Trends are fun and I love them, but your own style is the one thing that never goes out of style."

-Yuval Barak

9. She loves the Cozy Set, Teddy Sherpa Jacket and Flexy line from JUV.


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10. Yuval started JUV as a reflection of her personal style and values.

"I decided to start JUV because I was determined to create clothes that not only fit me well, but also reflected my personal style and values. I wanted to offer high-quality, comfortable, and fashionable options for people who, like me, love active and healthy lifestyles. With my non-replaceable team of experts, hard work, determination and a focus on customer satisfaction, I was able to turn my vision into a reality and launch a successful business. JUV stands out amongst other activewear brands with our commitment to combining fashion and function. Our clothes are not only stylish and trendy, but also designed with performance and comfort in mind. We use high-quality materials and pay attention to the fit and durability of each piece. We also prioritize sustainability and ethical production practices, making JUV not just a fashion choice, but a conscious one as well."

-Yuval Barak

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