Zendaya Album Drops Early on Vevo!

Zendaya's self-titled debut album premieres on September 17, but this morning Zendaya surprised us all by releasing the tracks of the Zendaya album six days early on her Vevo Channel!Zendaya album drops early

Zendaya posted the audio for 9 brand new tracks earlier this morning! The new songs are called "Cry For Love," "Putcha Body Down," "Heaven Lost An Angel," "My Baby," "Scared," "Butterflies," "Only When You're Close," "Love You Forever," and "Fireflies"!

Zendaya also revealed a new track called "Bottle You Up" four days ago. We're wondering if these 10 songs, plus Zendaya's hit single "Replay," will make up the entirety of Zendaya. We'll just have to wait and see!

Zendaya also released a behind-the-scenes video of her first solo music video, "Replay," two days ago!

"Shooting my first music video was incredible, because it was truly my vision," Zendaya said in the video. "I'm a very visual person so I thought about the idea for Replay and I knew what I wanted."

Zendaya didn't know how to communicate her ideas, so she made a voice memo on her phone talking about her idea as clearly as she could, sent it over to the music video director Colin Tilley, and he put everything together into a cohesive video!

Check out the new tracks and behind-the-scenes footage here!