7 2023 Fashion Trends Predicted by TikTok

If you find it hard to keep up with fashion trends these days, you're far from alone.

Fast fashion has made things move, well, faster than ever before, and the rest of us are simply left trying to keep up. Thankfully, our favorite modern-day trend forecaster, TikTok, has our backs when it comes to staying on track with all the new styles we're seeing pop up left and right. So whether you're someone who jumps on every one of the latest trends or someone who just likes to stay aware and work a couple of trendy pieces into an otherwise classic wardrobe, you can learn a bit more about the 2023 fashion trends as predicted by TikTok here:

1. Maxi Skirts

While Y2K style micro-mini skirts took over in 2023, we seem to be swapping them out for their more modest maxi-length counterpart for 2023. We aren't just talking about the flowy maxi skirts of the 2010s, either—we're talking everything from long-length cargo skirts to denim and everything in between.

@sonnyyyxo styling my maxi skirts pt.1🫶🏻🤍#fashioninspo #fashion #meshki #summerfashion #outfitinspo ♬ MAMMA MIA SCENE 5 – Owen Kelley


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2. Relaxed Denim

While we're on the subject of bottoms, let's jump into jeans. If the last few years have taught us anything, it's that most of us are ready to trade in our restrictive, tight-fit clothing for something a whole lot more relaxed. Enter: relaxed denim! Similar to the mom jeans that your drawers are probably already packed with, relaxed denim is all about giving you a little extra leg room (pun intended) with a slightly looser fit that perfectly complements a good crop top.

@zomanson curve love 90s relaxed jean🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻 #abercrombiejeans #abercrombiedenim #curvelovejeans #bestjeans #relaxedjeans ♬ original sound – sped up sounds


3. Cargo Everything

Cargo pants come into style so often that they might as well be called a staple, but in 2023, TikTok is predicting that the signature cargo-style pockets and fit will also take over when it comes to jackets and even skirts, too. Consider it fashion's answer to girls everywhere begging for more pockets.

@camiejeann Every fall I reinvent myself #fyp #ootdfashion #longcargoskirts #fallfashion #bolero #DidYouYawn ♬ normal girl sza – 🦦


4. Moto Vibes

Seeing more people walking around looking like they stepped straight out of The Matrix lately? All that leather (especially when it comes to outerwear) and bold detailing is part of what makes the moto trend so popular, as it adds just enough edge to make your look a total showstopper.

@antonknkjaja les gustó ?♬ Untouchable (No) Sped Up – Remix – Xanemusic & NVBR & kevoxx


5. Volume

Voluminous skirts, sleeves and even dresses are in in 2023, whether you like it or not. Think puffy-sleeved tops, skirts that look like you could fit a small child under them and other ultra-feminine and girly styles that we didn't see a whole lot of before. It's a huge contrast to the ultra-straight, geometric styles we've seen in the past, showing us that 2023 might just be a year all about going bold.

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6. Chokers

Remember when chokers came back into style a few years ago and every '90s kid rejoiced? Well if you missed your chance back in 2017, 2023 has you covered. There's something that's just so subtle and flattering about chokers, especially since they're easy to layer and switch up in terms of texture and style, so it's safe to say we're happy to see this one coming back.

@thedigifairy 😃 ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ̀ˋ #choker#2014tumblr#2016vs2021#softgrunge#90saesthetic#2022trends#trendforecasting#messyfrenchgirl#lilyrosedepp#zoekravitz#kingkylie ♬ 505 – Arctic Monkeys


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7. Off-Shoulder Tops

Another trend that's gone in and out of popularity in the last decade or so that's predicted to have a major return in 2023 is off-shoulder tops, which are a fantastic option for anyone who has a hard time committing to anything too "trendy." If you're looking for options, go with a classic black off-shoulder top that you can pair with any denim, or stay warm(ish) with a gorgeous off-shoulder sweater.

@michelle.belle1 thanks addie fashion icon off the shoulder top queen #lanadelrey ♬ som original – ˚♡ ⋆。˚ ⋆ . ˚✧


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