Aladdin Is Getting A Live-Action Film, But There's A Twist!

Disney is adding Aladdin to the list of classic animated films turned amaze live-action blockbusters, but they're doing it in quite the unique way. The live-action remake will actually tell the tale of how our favorite blue genie came to be stuck in that pesky little lamp. The role of the Genie has yet to be cast, but we know just the men for the job!

Aladdin and the Genie are shaking hands in the Disney movie Aladdin

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Chris Pratt is being interviewed about Jurassic World with a smile on his face and wearing a jean shirt.

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Name: Chris Pratt

Where you've seen him: Hanging out with Velociraptors

Why he's meant for the role: He's totally hilarious and has the best jokes. He'd definitely have us cry face emoji laughing.

Jack Griffo is posing with his tongue sticking out and his arms in the air with both his hands holding up the rock and roll sign. He is on the set of the Nickelodeon show The Thundermans wearing his blue superhero suit with a large 'T' on the front and black pants with a black belt on the bottom.

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Name: Jack Griffo

Where you've seen him: Being a baddie on The Thundermans

Why he's meant for the role: Jack is great at playing the bad boy, but we'd like to see him play a good guy for a change. And blue is obvi his color!

Andrew Garfield is posing for a promotional photo for his hosting duties on Saturday Night Live in a blue jacket.

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Name: Andrew Garfield

Where you've seen him: Saving the world in spandex as the amazing Spider-Man

Why he's meant for the role: He's cute, funny and…do we really need an excuse to see more of him?

Spencer Boldman is smiling on the red carpet of the Teen Choice Awards in 2012.

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Name: Spencer Boldman

Where you've seen him: Being one hot bionic teen on Lab Rats

Why he's meant for the role: That smile though!

Josh Peck is posing in an alley way in a blue striped hoodie while looking at the camera.

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Name: Josh Peck

Where you've seen him: The classic show that is Drake & Josh

Why he's meant for the role: Aside from always being able to make us laugh, he looks fab in facial hair.

Who do you think would make the perfect Genie? Tell us in the comments below.