All About Amanda Pavillard's Makeup Collection, Radiate

You might know Amanda Pavillard for her time as an influencer, actress, mental health advocate and even entrepreneur.

It's safe to say you're likely already familiar with her—and for good reason! Amanda is a force to be reckoned with and has taken her talents to the next level by creating and formulating her very own line of beauty products. Radiate is an exclusive collection that everyone should know about! We sat down with Amanda and asked her all about Radiate, in the interview below.

Sweety High: Tell us about yourself!

Amanda Pavillard: Oh my gosh, okay, where to begin? Well, my name is Amanda Pavillard. I'm a 21-year-old actress, content creator and most recently the founder of Radiate by Amanda. Originally I'm from Colorado, but I've lived out in L.A. for the last six years with my best friend Napa (my dog). I've always been super passionate about all things beauty and wellness, so I spent the last two years bringing those things together to create my makeup line Radiate! To sum it up, I love people and I love to be creative.


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SH: Tell us about the Radiate Collection!

AP: The Radiate Collection Vol. 1 is the first of many limited edition collections. When I first started creating Radiate, I really had no idea what it would become. I wanted a makeup line that was inclusive and intentional. I've always loved using makeup as a form of self-expression and I wanted everything about this collection to encourage its users to do the same. The Radiate Collection is so much more than "good makeup products." While I truly do believe I've created three of the best products I've ever used, I want people to feel inspired by the message behind Radiate more than anything. The Radiate Collection embodies a universal message of "becoming the brightest version of you," shedding the energy you no longer need and letting your inner light shine on all those around you. This collection is about coming into your own and showing how powerful you can be when you radiate your truest self into the world.


SH: What products are in the Radiate Collection? Do the colors and names have any special meaning?

AP: There are three products in the first Radiate Collection. We have the Starlight Luminizing Gloss in shade "Glow Away," the Perfect Pop Highlight in shade "Golden Aura" and the You Made Me Blush Pigment Stick in shade "Rose Colored Glasses" I absolutely wanted to tell a story with this collection and the names are really what reflect that. The Radiate Collection mantra goes, "Once you remove the rose-colored glasses, you have the power to say glow away to anyone or anything that doesn't bring you light and you're free to radiate your golden aura for everyone to see." I developed these three products at a pivotal point in my life, where I learned a lot of lessons around standing up for myself and walking away from things that were no longer meant for me. I think that's one of the hardest lessons to learn in life and that's why when it came to telling the story of Radiate, I wanted to empower other young people on their journeys as well. Trust yourself and trust that the universe has your back. As far as the shades I selected for this collection, there were a few factors. I obviously wanted to create products I love and use, but I also wanted these products to be accessible to everyone. I didn't want anyone of any skin tone to be excluded from using and loving Radiate. With that in mind, I carefully worked to create shades that were universal and I'm really proud that all three products look incredible on any and all skin tones.


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SH: Why did you create the Radiate Collection?

AP: The most basic answer is that I simply love makeup. I was always the little kid rummaging through my mom and grandma's vanity, and as I got older, my love for makeup only grew stronger. When the idea of creating my own line came to be a reality, I was so excited, but even more excited that I would have the opportunity to create useful and meaningful makeup products. Radiate is a reflection of me in a lot of ways. My intention with this line is to share pieces of my life and what I've learned through all of these amazing products I love to use. Doing your makeup is kind of like a daily ritual. It's 10, 15, 20 minutes of your day that you get to spend with yourself. Creating good products that also encourage us to be mindful of our strength and individuality is at the very core of what Radiate aims to do and why I want to get these products out into the world.


SH: If you could only choose one product from the Radiate Collection, what would it be?

AP: How could I ever answer this? I'll tell you, my makeup bag will never, ever feel complete without all three of these products on hand. If I absolutely had to choose a favorite, I would have to say the "Golden Aura" Perfect Pop Highlight. Highlight has always been my favorite step in my makeup routine. That being said, I've tried a lot of different highlights. When it came time to create my own, I knew exactly what I was looking for. The texture and tone of "Golden Aura" are truly unmatched. It blends so seamlessly and adds such a beautiful "glowing from within" look to the skin. It's versatile and can be built up to a blinding glow. I absolutely love it and I don't think I could live without it.


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SH: Is there anything else you'd like us to know?

AP: I mentioned before that my love for makeup started from a very young age, rummaging through my mom and grandma's vanities. This whole launch and collection is in their honor. These are the women who inspired me to be a strong woman, to stand up for myself and to chase my dreams even when they scare me. They are also the women who taught me that beauty on the inside is so much more radiant than anything on the outside. My grandmother has been fighting breast cancer for the last four years, in all the moments where being graceful and kind wouldn't seem necessary, she's been nothing but a beautiful light to everyone around her. It's radiating that strength and that kind of heart that inspires us to keep going every day. In her honor, 1% of all proceeds from The Radiate Collection will be donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer. This organization supports women and their families as they navigate through many of the difficult decisions and questions that come with such a scary diagnosis. I'm so blessed to have grown up with such amazing female role models and I couldn't imagine not honoring them in some way through Radiate.


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