If You're an Anxious Texter, You'll Definitely Relate to These Annoying Struggles

As much as you love your cell phone, you've got to admit that sometimes texting can turn you into a big bundle of nerves.

Text conversations are fun and all, but when you get a short, snippy response or don't hear back immediately, don't you feel a bit anxious and on edge?

If so, scroll below and you'll relate to all 12 of these common texting struggles that evoke new levels of stress.

1. You're generally a pretty patient person, but when it comes to receiving a text reply, you're the most impatient individual around. Because you can't stand not getting an immediate response, you flip over your phone, turn it on silent and repeatedly check it until you get an answer. Oops.

Aria from 'Pretty Little Liars' texting

(Pretty Little Liars via Freeform)

2. If someone ever responds to you saying "k," you automatically assume they're totally mad. They could have at least said "okay" or "k!"

3. Whenever someone texts you back and doesn't include at least one "haha," "jk," or exclamation mark,  you begin to think you said something wrong. A text without emotion = a bad text!

4. Texting bubbles are the worst thing ever. When you see the three dots pop up and then disappear, you can't help but sit there and stare wondering when a response will come. It's torturous.

Texting bubbles on an iPhone

5. Read Receipts stress you out like no other. It's a horrible feeling to see that someone has read your text but not responded. You feel like you're being ignored. Any day now with that response…

6. If you see a lengthy text appear on your home screen, your mind begins to race and you jump to the conclusion that you're about to receive very bad news. Why else would someone text you a novel-length message?!

7. Because you're glued to your phone most of the time, you're pretty prompt when it comes to replying to texts. Sometimes you worry that you text back too quickly, and so you begin to strategically time out your text responses.

Hanna Marin from 'Pretty Little Liars' texting

(Pretty Little Liars via Freeform)

8. You hate double texting. You're concerned that if you send two texts in a row, you'll look bored or needy. No, thank you!

9. You think it's the absolute worst when you text someone, they don't respond but they look at your Snapchat story. "Hello, are you there? I need you to reply to help me get rid of this uneasy feeling!"

10. When you're really stressed about not receiving a text back, you've been known to delete the number of the person who's due to respond. Just so you're not tempted to text them again, of course. A little extreme, but what can you do?

11. If you ever send a playful or sarcastic text, you instantly fear that it will get read the wrong way. You sit there, fingers crossed, hoping they get that you're joking around.

12. Sometimes, you'd rather just talk on the phone because, let's face it, it's easier and texting gets you way too riled up. ????

Emily Fields from 'Pretty Little Liars' on the phone

(Pretty Little Liars via Freeform)


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