Arden Cho Kicks Butt As Our Woman Crush Wednesday

It's pretty clear that Arden Cho lives one of the coolest lives ever. She plays the powerful kitsune Kira on Teen Wolf, she can sing like it's nobody's business and she even started her own accessory line with her friends. She's all that and then some, which is why she's our Woman Crush Wednesday this week.

Arden Cho #WCW art

Full Name: Arden Lim Cho (Her last name means 'butterfly!')

Hometown: Amarillo, Texas

Zodiac Sign: Leo♌

Favorite Color: Green

Pet Peeve: When people are flaky! (The WORST!)

Biggest Influences: Her mom and dad!

Favorite Food: Korean BBQ

Favorite Movie: A Moment To Remember

Fun Facts:

1. Arden doesn't just act, she also sings. Three years ago she released an original song called "Baby it's You" and we'd really like it if she'd come out with new music ASAP.

2. She's been playing piano for eight years and cello for six years.

3. When she was in high school, she wanted to become a pro bowler. Her high score is 265 out of a perfect score of 300. She can hang!

4. She has a cute little pup named Chewy that she brings with her everywhere. Everyone on the Teen Wolf set adores him, btw.

5. Speaking of Teen Wolf, the thing she loves most when it comes to playing her character Kira is that she gets to light things on fire.

6. And Arden was a cheerleader for eight years. We bet that comes in handy when she has to film all those fight scenes on the show.

7. She has a degree in Psychology from the University of Illinois.

8. She and her friends founded the company Leonard & Church, which specializes in crafting gorgeously simple watches. We're really digging the one Arden's rocking!

9. In 2004, she was named Miss Korea Chicago and then went on to compete for Miss Korea to represent South Korea in the Miss Universe Pageant.

10. Arden was once on an episode of Pretty Little Liars.

11. Before she moved to L.A., she did humanitarian work in Kenya for two months.


Arden told us everything we need to know about what it's like to film Teen Wolf HERE.