Welcome the Early Hour by Becoming a Morning Person

If you're like me, then you've never been much for mornings.

Sure, mornings are beautiful, peaceful and charming, but they're also way too early. Early birds may catch the worm, but night owls never wanted the worm in the first place, right? Wrong!

It's time to seize the day, beginning with the morning, and these simple steps will help.

1. Give Yourself a Morning Treat

This doesn't have to be a food treat, but plan something nice to wake up to each morning so that you have a little incentive to get out of bed. It could mean waking up early to watch the new episode of your fave tv show before getting ready for school or snuggling up with a book and a cup of tea.


2. Create a Nice Morning Ritual

My favorite part of waking up early is having time to enjoy breakfast and coffee. I really don't like to rush out of the house because it leaves me with that feeling like I've forgotten something important. I repeat: Create a morning ritual you enjoy. Sometimes repetition becomes a bore that makes you groan and burrow even further into the sheets.

Girl drinking coffee by window in the morning.

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3. Don't Set Safety Alarms

I'm guilty of setting about three alarms every morning. The first is the time I should get up, the second is the first snooze, and the third means You've just skipped your shower so get up before you're smelly and late. When you set these safety alarms, you're already deciding—maybe subconsciously—that you're going to sleep in.


4. Set an Alarm That Makes You Want to Jump Up and Dance

Waking up with a fun morning playlist will have you dancing right out of bed and will create good morning vibes. Fun tunes make even a snoring morning ritual feel like a party.

Girl dancing in the kitchen in pajamas.

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5. Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

Nutrients in the morning will make you feel way more energized than strictly sticking to a delicious, yet un-nutritious, bagel or cinnamon roll. By all means indulge in a satisfying breakfast, just make sure it's well-balanced.


6. Take a Morning Stroll

No matter how much we love sleeping in, it's undeniable that the mornings are beautiful. Try and enjoy the brisk air and soothing sounds by taking a short walk. This will also help invigorate your mind and get those endorphins flowing.

Morning walk, up close on sneakers and trail.

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7. Read Instead of Watching TV Before Bed

The studies are in and they are not in our favor. Scrolling through your phone and watching TV before bed will definitely prevent a good night's sleep. Power down with a good book—it doesn't have to be school related—in order to catch some quality Zzzs. It'll make waking up so much easier.


8. Mind Over Matter

All anti-morning people can relate to this struggle: As soon as you wake up in the morning, you begin justifying more sleep. You move things around in your head like, well I showered the night before yesterday so I can just shower tonight, and I'll grab something to eat at school instead of making my protein-packed breakfast. No! Don't do it! Hop out of bed as soon as you wake up. Your mind is the last thing keeping you in those comfy sheets. Tell yourself to get up and you will. The only thing you're accomplishing with those ten extra minutes of sleep is ruining your morning routine. And probably making yourself late, and smelly, to school.

Waking up with good vibes.

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No one said it would be easy, but after two weeks of hard work you will start to form a habit and your body will adjust to this new lifestyle. If you're still hesitant, get inspired by Brittney's athletic transformation HERE.