If you’re looking to revamp your room, Urban Outfitters is the place to go.

From string lights to tapestry, they have the cutest decor around. We thought we’d share some of our favorite pieces from the store that will make great accents in any style of bedroom.

Scroll below to see what you’ll be adding to your room.

Moon Tarot Card Tapestry: $59

Add a moody vibe to your room with this tarot card-inspired tapestry. Want to know a secret? It even glows in the dark. Doesn’t get much cooler than that.

The Moon Tarot Card tapestry from Urban Outfitters

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Stay Home Pillow: $39

All you introverts are sure find this pillow’s simple message all too relatable.

Stay Home pillow from Urban Outfitters

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Honeycomb Wooden Shelf: $89

From books to houseplants, this shelf is the easiest and cutest way to keep all your knick-knacks in one place.

Triple Honeycomb Wooden Shelf from Urban Outfitters

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Balloon Light: $39

Need a new desk lamp? Look no further than this whimsical bad boy right here. Even if you stay up all night studying, you’ll still have a smile on your face thanks to this light.

Balloon Light from Urban Outfitters on a desk next to books and a laptop

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Cooper Lounge Chair: $249

Available in yellow, white, dark grey or light grey, your comfort levels will surge with the addition of this cozy chair.

Yellow Cooper Lounge Chair from Urban Outfitters

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Flokati Shag Rug: $129

A rug is a great way to add some flair to a simple hardwood floor. Heck, you can even throw it over carpet if you want to really spice things up. Whether you’re a fan of pink, white or black, this shag rug comes in a variety of colors.

Flokati round shag rug in pink from Urban Outfitters

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Hanging Rectangle Mirror: $39

Can you think of a more practical way to hang your jewelry? That’s a definite no, so you need to mount this handy-dandy decor on your wall ASAP.

Hanging Rectangle Mirror and Jewelry Holder from Urban Outfitters

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Louise Medallion Comforter Snooze Set: $189

This comforter set may be simple with its muted tones, but its elegant pattern is anything but plain. Pro tip: Opting for bedding in a neutral hue makes it way easier to go color crazy with the other accent pieces in your room.

Louise Medallion Comforter Set from Urban Outfitters

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Galaxy Clips String Lights: $20

String lights are a must for any room. And ones that allow you to clip your fave pics or whatever the heck you want hanging on your walls seems like the best way to go.

Galaxy Clips String Lights from Urban Outfitters hanging above a bed with Polaroid pictures clipped to them

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Jupiter Candle: $24

You can’t go wrong adding a candle to your desk, dresser or nightstand. Its iridescent glass container is just gorgeous to look at, too. Night Forest, Sunburst Sky and Desert Sand are your three scent options. Which one will you choose?

Ignited Jupiter Candle from Urban Outfitters

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Mini Geo Terrarium: $18

Got some crystals you want to keep safe? Protect them with this terrarium. Heck, even throw a small plant or two in there while you’re at it.

Mini Geo Terrarium from Urban Outfitters filled with a plant and stones

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Mini Cinema Light Box: $39

The only way to add good vibes to your room is with this bad boy. You can even write out any phrase you’d like using the letters provided.

Mini Cinema Light Box from Urban Outfitters with the words "Good Vibes Only" spelled out on it

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Gemma Dreamcatcher: $49

If you want to have the most magical, wonderful dreams, get yourself a dreamcatcher. It’s the only way to help you sleep more soundly at night.

Gemma Dream Catcher from Urban Outfitters hanging up in a room

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Rather than buy a dreamcatcher though, you could always DIY one—click HERE to find out how!