Behind the Scenes of Made In the USA!

Go behind the scenes of Made In the USA, the next music video by Demi Lovato!

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Behind the scenes of Made in the USA

As we predicted last week, we first got a sneak peek of this music video in the lyric video for Made In the USA! We KNEW there was something going on with that big green spinning ferris wheel!

Demi Lovato co-directed the new music video alongside director Ryan Pallotta, who in the past has also directed videos for Mindless Behavior and Rachel Crow.

Demi had a very particular vision for her music video and told her manager what she had in mind.

"I walked him through it step-by-step and he said 'Why don't you just direct it, since you know what you want,'" Demi explains in the behind-the-scenes clip. "I've always wanted to direct, so I was like 'Ok, let's do it,' and that's kind of how it happened."

The music video tells the story of a couple who meet at a carnival and fall deeply in love.

The couple is played by stars Aimee Teegarden best known for her role in Friday Night Lights, and Dustin Milligan, who plays Ethan on the CW's 90210. Demi gave the main roles away so she could focus on directing.

Instead, she performs at the festival as the romance unfolds.

"It's interesting, even though I've never directed before I have a really good feeling behind the camera," Demi says. "It's the same way with my music.  I feel equally as comfortable writing music as a I do performing it."

To check out the behind-the-scenes video, just click here!