5 Solid Excuses to Leave a Bad Date

There are mixed emotions when it comes to a first date.

There's the excitement and the nerves, but also fear there won't be a connection. But what do you do when the meet-up is going really south?

Worry no more, because I've come up with five perfect ways to leave a bad date.

girl making a face on a date

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1. Your Friend Left Something Super Important at Your House and No One's Home to Let Them in

We don't condone lying, but hey, time is precious. If the date is going south and you need a quick out, go to the restroom, come back and say your friend left their study guide (or something else of utmost importance) at your house earlier in the day.

I'm absolutely guilty of using this one before. The guy was calling me "baby" on the first date and that was not okay with me. So yes, my then-non-existent "friend" had to come into play.


2. You 'Suddenly Don't Feel Well'

This isn't necessarily original, but if you sense right from the beginning you aren't feeling it, start talking about having a food allergy and then once the food comes, go to the bathroom and hang out for a bit. When you get back to your date, just say you're sorry but you absolutely need to go. Always carry cash with you on a date in case of emergency, and in this case, kindly fork some over to make up for the wasted meal.

After all, I said we want to leave the date but not be total jerks, right?


3. Start Talking About the Future

If you want to have some fun with a bad situation, put on your best Oscar-worthy performance. Start talking about the future and how you're ready to settle down now. Say you eventually see yourself living happily with 12 cats or something ridiculous. I guarantee they will want to cut the date short, too.

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4. Tell Them They Look Like Your Ex

You can tell them how much they look and remind you of your ex, and that even though it isn't anything personal (but it is) you can't see it going any further. I've personally never used this one, but if the circumstances occur, it will be my next go-to excuse.


5. Just Be Honest

If you just aren't feeling it and want to spare the person's emotions, then use one of the excuses above, but if your date is being rude or making you feel uncomfortable, then just be honest. Tell them you aren't having a good time and you're going to head home. There's no reason you should ever feel unhappy on someone else's behalf, and if you do, waste no more time and get the heck out of there.


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