The Best Billie Eilish Songs as TikTok Sounds

What's an awesome TikTok video without the perfect song to back it up?

We first fell in love with the music of Billie Eilish back in 2015 when she released "Ocean Eyes," and seven years later, she's arguably one of the best alt-pop singer-songwriters of our generation. Her videos are rife with emotion and a hint of darkness, and her stunning voice makes them the perfect backdrop for incredible TikToks. Wondering which of her songs are popping off right now? Just keep scrolling to find out.


'Happier Than Ever'

Billie's popular "Happier Than Ever" is a banger, if we've ever heard one. As the title track of her most recent album, we had huge expectations for this track upon release, and it lived up to all of them. The first half of the song is slow and sad, while it transforms into a faster-paced pump-up track in the second half, making it great for all types of videos. Unlike lots of other songs where just one part goes viral, every moment of this track is sound-worthy, so you'll see everything from people screaming along to the bridge to mouthing the words while doing their makeup, and it's perfect every time.

@dixiedamelio "can you see me?" @charlidamelio ♬ Happier Than Ever – Billie Eilish


'bad guy'

"Bad Guy" isn't just a great song with a pounding beat, but it's also been adopted in a recent trend where creators with bright eyes use images of Billie and replace her eyes with theirs. As each image changes, so do their expressions.

@sophiebarbaa los que me dicen que me parezco!!!! 😡♬ bad guy – Billie Eilish


'Your Power'

"Your Power" is an acoustic-driven vibey track with beautiful vocals, and it makes the perfect backdrop for showing off anything gorgeous—or just setting a soothing, chill mood. Check it out in the painting video below to see what we mean.

@amandaeveart over halfway done 🙂 so many details in this one #oilpainting #femaleartist #paintingprocess #XfinityFanthem #LeadWithLove ♬ Your Power – Billie Eilish


'you should see me in a crown'

"you should see me in a crown" has a powerful industrial sound, and an even more epic message about confidence and embracing all of the things that make you powerful. We love the way that TikTok has embraced the song with all kinds of videos of people finding their power and flaunting what they've got, such as this video by @thedappergents, where the happy couple skis up to their own wedding ceremony.

@thedappergents Wedding season 2022 kicked off with a snowy ceremony at Saddleback mountain. #wedding #weddingceremony #skiingwedding @saddlebackmaine ♬ you should see me in a crown – Billie Eilish


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'i love you'

If you have a heartfelt memory or a beautiful piece of art you want to share, "i love you" is the sound to use. This sentimental and somewhat melancholy sound has 48k videos and counting, because it makes for a stunning backdrop to any moment.

@lutezziy.0 #немецкаяовчарка #малыш #рекомендации #топ #любовь @original_boys ♬ i love you – Billie Eilish


'Therefore I Am'

"Therefore I Am" became an instant hit on TikTok upon its release. With its pulsing, pounding sound and self-assured lyrics, it makes for a great lip-sync while you're flaunting your outfit or makeup, or using a green screen to share something silly.

@lorengrayso I adopted a cat. her name is poppy and she has one eye. we love poppu♬ Therefore I Am – Billie Eilish



Released five years ago, "idontwannabeyouanymore" is still a hit. This smooth and danceable track has nearly 300k videos set to it, and is often used in videos about heartbreak or romance, with many of the videos set to the lyrics, "If I love you was a promise, would you break it, if you're honest?"

@voroobev_semaэто терапия)♬ idontwannabeyouanymore – Billie Eilish


'when the party's over'

"When the party's over" sounds almost like a hymn, and this one seems custom-made for those heartfelt videos. Though it has themes of heartbreak and love, it's not meant to be a sad song—even if it might seem that way from many of the videos that use it. It's also great for highlighting beauty, such as in this painting vid.

@shimshimagic My #painting of #billieeilish #fyp #artskils #fypシ ♬ when the party's over – Billie Eilish


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'ocean eyes'

The beautiful "Ocean Eyes" is the song that put Billie on the map, so it's no surprise that it's massive on TikTok. It's just too good to be dedicated to any single trend, and it is often used to back emotional quotes, videos of people with stunning blue eyes and other creative endeavors. In the video below, the song reveals that sometimes pain is required to reach success—and you'll especially love it if you're a Saint's fan.

@saints.vidz Sad day for saints fans😞 #saints#seanpayton#nfl#sad#fypシ ♬ ocean eyes – Billie Eilish


'bury a friend'

The  chaotic, pulsing buzzing sounds that follow Billie's declaration "I wanna end me" aren't just one of the most iconic parts of "bury a friend"—it's also the perfect setup for incredible transition videos on TikTok. We love the way creators use this to show their before-and-afters, and how each and every one is unique to the person who created it.

@rileyhubatkauh oh what did I do♬ bury a friend – Billie Eilish



The plucking of the guitar and the eerie piano chords of "NDA" make it an epic sound for showing off. Whether you're sharing a beautiful view on vacation or an incredible skill you've picked up, this sound will build up the perfect hype and tension for it.

@jadepickess0 Best view of downtown Dubai #fyp ♬ NDA – Billie Eilish


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