9 Down-to-Earth Hobbies Every Taurus Should Try at Least Once

Tauruses are respected for being one of the most dependable and hardest-working signs of the zodiac, but that doesn't mean they don't also appreciate their free time.

Of the earth signs, Taurus tends to be the best at balancing work and play—even if the hobbies they do when they're not focused on their job or school can sometimes feel like work themselves. They pursue activities that involve the five senses, whether at home or out in nature, and if you're a Taurus (or even have Taurus in your chart), here are nine hobbies you need to try at least once.

1. Cooking

Above all other signs, Tauruses have an appreciation for the finer things in life, and of course, that includes fine dining. They love taking in the wonderful sights, smells and flavors of an excellent meal—even more so when they can take pride in the fact they made it themselves. Great cooking requires patience and precision, and Taurus possesses both. Based on their love of food, Tauruses also usually have a deep understanding of the best ingredients, from meats to spices and so much more, and when they can incorporate them into their own meals, and share them with loved ones, they'll find their happy place.

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2. Creating Art

Taurus is a very sense-based, tactile sign, so it should come as no surprise that they're usually skilled at making things with their hands, and in combination with their eye for beauty, they're naturally gifted in the arts. Whether they're masters of drawing, painting, graphic design, photography, sculpture, pottery, calligraphy or even things like knitting and crochet, they love the process of making something out of nothing, and have the patience it takes to hone those skills to perfection.


3. Music

Every sign likes music, but few love it as much as a Taurus. Tauruses are always seeking out the most beautiful music and love being swept away by its sounds, though many can get quite picky about the genres they engage with and enjoy most. They see music as a form of self-expression, whether they're attending a concert, blasting their favorites in their biggest headphones or even making music themselves. Many Tauruses are also musical artists, whether they're singers, instrumentalists, producers or composers, and they can take pride in their incredible musical creations.


4. Gardening

As an earth sign, Taurus has an innate connection with nature, and their consistency and tenderness make them especially talented at cultivating incredible gardens. Tauruses appreciate aesthetic beauty more than most signs, which is why they'll love planting seeds and fostering their growth until they bloom into the most gorgeous flowers and plants, all while spending plenty of time under the sun outdoors.

Unsplash Man creating flower garden using recycled tires

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5. Hiking

There are few activities quite as grounding and natural as putting on a pair of sturdy shoes and going for a hike, which is why Taureans make natural hikers. They're well-balanced and stable—both in life and on their feet over rough terrain—and especially love hikes in beautiful locales where they can admire the scenery and enjoy a nice sunset.


6. Yoga

Taurus is generally an active sign, but tends to stay away from strenuous and painful workouts in favor of ones that focus on honing the body. Yoga is the perfect activity for them because of the way it engages the senses while also honing the connection between the mind, body and spirit, allowing them to create even greater stability within themselves, even when their lives get hectic.


7. Horseback Riding

Horseback riding definitely isn't an everyday hobby for most people, but when a Taurus is on horseback, they're their most free. Their nurturing side comes out in both taking care of and bonding with a horse, and being outdoors with the wind in their hair at top speed is just the special connection with the great outdoors that they've always wanted.

Unsplash Group riding horseback through river trail

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8. Interior Design

Tauruses simply know what looks good and what doesn't, which is why they're constantly redecorating in an effort to make their spaces even more beautiful, and they're so drawn to interior design. They're practical, so they value function as well as form, and know how to stretch a dollar in order to make a space look expensive for cheap (though they also won't hesitate to spurge, on occasion). They're also super hard-working and aren't afraid to put their back into a little bit of home renovation and DIY if the project calls for it.


9. Thrifting

No one has a keener eye than Taurus, which is why they're masters of thrifting. They're experts at picking out diamonds in the rough, whether we're talking antique pieces of decor that are way more valuable than they appear or vintage fashion pieces they can style (or even upcycle) into an unexpectedly eye-catching outfit. They may even find their calling in the reselling business with their fabulous finds.


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