10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of May 27, 2022

Who's ready for a three-day weekend?

Memorial Day is the last big holiday weekend before the summer officially kicks off, and we don't know about you, but we're going to be spending it listening to the latest and greatest tunes from our favorite artists. This week spoiled us with new releases from beabadoobee, Tate McRae, Harry Styles and more, so keep scrolling to discover the 10 biggest things that happened in music the week of May 27, 2022.

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1. JMSEY Tackles Perfection and Identity With 'First Time'

We can't get enough of L.A.-based, South London-born artist JMSEY and his unique hybrid-pop sound, and his latest track, "First Time," does something a little different with a vulnerable exploration of his identity as an Asian American. It's not just a song about rejection, but about how Asian men are portrayed in media, and how that impacts people's perceptions. It's an honest discussion about how that's affected his self-esteem and mental health, and we hope people take in the message while they vibe to its cool sound.


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2. Isaac Dunbar Unleashes a Part of Himself on Banish the Banshee EP

19-year-old Isaac Dunbar has a wildly refreshing approach to his music, and his new Banish the Banshee EP puts all of his talents on display across eight bold tracks. While most of the songs are driven by funky, moving beats, he really pulls influences from various genres and periods to create a sound all his own, and that's inexplicably current while sharing now just how he expresses his authentic self, but also accepts it. "Banish the Banshee' is a very conceptual EP," Isaac explained in a press release for the track. "I disguised seven of the songs as parables told from the perspective of my alter ego, named Banshee. I want listeners to know who I am and where I come from, these songs tell stories about my life and how it led up to Banshee." We're especially in love with the opening track, "Sunburn," which likens accepting a shallow love to the pain of a sunburn.


3. Valencia Grace Learns to Let Go in 'Goodbye'

If you've ever had to let go of a once-treasured friendship because it just wasn't the right time, Valencia Grace's stunning new single "Goodbye" just might move you to tears. "it's a song i wrote when i was losing someone i loved," Valencia said simply on her Instagram. The track shares the painful realization that a relationship has run its course and the harrowing process of saying goodbye to someone you loved. With her soaring, soulful vocals, Valencia pulls you right into her heartbreak and holds you there with her.


4. The Interrupters Look on the Bright Side in 'Anything Was Better'

If you told us that The Interrupters' "Anything Was Better" was an undiscovered gem of '90s ska-punk, we wouldn't question it for a second, but the fact this is a brand new track shows us that the genre is very much alive. Featuring Aimee Interrupter's signature raspy vocals, calling to mind the greats including Rancid and The Distillers, it's all about leaving the bad behind and knowing that better things are on the horizon. "This song is the story of my escape from the circumstances of my hometown," Aimee told Sweety High. "When I graduated high school, I wanted to get the hell away from everything and everyone I knew and go to California where I didn't have any friends or family because I was at such a low point in my life. I couldn't imagine things being any worse. I knew in California, the sun would shine and I would I feel warm no matter how bad things got. At the time that was just enough hope for me to make the jump and move to an unfamiliar place, and I'm so happy I did."


5. SURAN and Peder Elias Join Forces for a Romantic Duet in 'Darling'

SURAN is one of our favorite solo K-pop artists, so when she drops a new single we know it's going to be good. Her latest, "Darling," is a collab with Norwegian singer Peder Elias, and it's sugary sweet in the best way possible. With its summery guitar sound and breezy, harmonic vocals, it's one we won't soon be taking off repeat. The music video also shows the duo maintaining a long-distance relationship over the phone, which suits the feel of the track, recorded on opposite sides of the world. "Collaborating with SURAN from the other side of the world is super fun and I was so happy she reached out to me to do a song together!" Peder shared in a press release. "Also can't wait to travel to Korea later this year, and maybe play 'Darling' live with SURAN?"


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6. Metro The Savage & Noa Kirel Team Up on 'DALE PROMO'

Israeli artist Noa Kirel impresses us with every bold new move she makes, and her first-ever Spanish-language track, "DALE PROMO," shows off just how sensational she truly is. With her rapid-fire rapping in Spanish, you'd have no idea it wasn't her first language, and she keeps up with Puerto Rican reggaeton star Metro The Savage every step of the way. With the music video's infectious dance moves—and Noa's bleach-blonde hair—you won't be able to look away.


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7. beabadoobee Captures the Feeling of Young Love in 'Lovesong'

beabadoobee's latest single, "Lovesong," is one of those tracks that just feels like being in love—there's really no other way to describe it. With Bea's soothing, delicate vocals, the song begins with just a stripped-back acoustic guitar before it's joined by building horns and dream-like piano until it's grown into something almost anthemic. "'Lovesong' is a song that I had bits written for since my second ever EP," she said in a press release. "The chorus was actually already written since Loveworm, I just didn't have any chords to sing it with. It's actually written in a really strange tuning that I forget. And, yeah, it's just another sweet love song. It was one of the last songs I recorded for Beatopia."


8. Liam Gallagher Channels His Oasis Days With New Album C'mon You Know

Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher has seen great success as a solo artist ever since the band split in 2009, and while we've always been fans, his new album C'mon You Know is something truly special. Featuring instant classics including "Everything's Electric," "Better Days" and "Diamond in the Dark," the album feels totally fresh while also evoking nostalgia from those early days. This is the best Liam's ever been as a solo artist, and we have no doubts this is one fans will still be listening to decades from now.


9. Tate McRae Drops Angsty Debut Album, i used to think i could fly

We had high expectations for Tate McRae's first album ever, and i used to think i could fly meets them all. The collection of 13 songs shows Tate at her most vulnerable, insecure and heartbroken, and listening to them doesn't just allow us to wallow, but to also relate and heal in a way only Tate can make possible. "wowwww what a rollercoaster writing this album," she shared on Instagram. "thank u to everyone who worked on this record with me. from dancing in the studio to crying on my balcony, to endless hours on phone calls deciding which songs are gonna make the cut…. this album has to have some of the most honest and real lyrics i have ever written. i hope you guys enjoy and love it. ALL UR MESSAGES HAVW BEEN MAKING ME SO HAPPY:') can't wait to scream these on tour with you.'


10. James Corden Directs Harry Styles in $300 'Daylight' Music Video

Just because Harry Styles' music video for "Daylight" was filmed for just $300 as a stunt on The Late Late Show with James Corden doesn't mean it's not perfection. Directed by James Corden himself, it manages to look expensive and put together on a major budget. We're profoundly jealous of the random strangers who were asked to help make this happen and got to be in the video, and Harry's ridiculous outfits really are something to behold. "Daylight" is also our favorite track on Harry's House, so we might be biased, but this one really puts a smile on our faces.


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