6 Snack Ideas for Your Valentine's Party In

Whether you're celebrating Valentine's with your best friends or your significant other, sometimes going out for the night just isn't in the cards.

Whether one of you just isn't feeling up to a night out or you can't get a reservation anywhere, there's nothing wrong with staying in on the special night. This is especially true when you have the right snack setup—and we're here to help. Find a few snack ideas for hosting your best Valentine's (or Galentine's) Day night in here:

1. Cotton Candy Melting Heart Drinks

Satisfy your sweet tooth and quench your thirst at the same with this Valentine's Day treat, which is customizable and uses one key ingredient to make the magic happen: cotton candy. Pour over your favorite sparkling beverage (we'd suggest a La Croixm since the cotton candy will provide all the sweetness you need, but feel free to get creative) and watch the fluffy spun sugar melt like your heart when watching your favorite rom-com. The best part? It'll turn the drink the color of your cotton candy in the process for an extra cute touch.

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2. Heart-Shaped Mini Sandwiches

Whether you opt for a classic PB&J or something a bit more mature, all it takes to put this snack together is some soft slices of bread, the fillings of your choice and, of course, a knife (or extra-sharp heart-shaped cookie cutter) to get them into shape. Set them up on a cake stand afternoon tea style for extra hosting bonus points.

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3. Mini Cupcakes With Edible Glitter

What could be cuter than cupcakes for Valentine's Day? Mini cupcakes for Valentine's Day, with the extra touch of edible glitter, of course! We recommend baking them yourself, but in a pinch, the store-bought kind will do for the sake of cuteness.

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4. Classic Cheese Board

You can never really go wrong with a classic cheese or charcuterie board, especially for a night like Valentine's. If you really want to impress your partner or guests, arrange the cheese and cracker combination options in the shape of a heart, and opt for red- or pink-colored additions like cranberries, raspberry jam and other sweet complimentary additions.

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5. A Dessert Board

Take the last item on this list and make it sweet—it's that simple. Add in all your favorite chocolate delights, some pink and red macarons, graham crackers, pretzels and popcorn for something salty, chocolate hummus (or another dip if you're still not brave enough to try the hummus variety) and plenty of fresh fruits. Then all you need to do is arrange them in a way like you would a regular charcuterie board and voila!

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6. Beet Hummus

We didn't want to overwhelm you with all sweet treats on this list of snacks that are perfect for spending your Valentine's Day in, so we suggest whipping up a batch of beet hummus. It might sound odd to you at first if you haven't explored much into eating beets (the juicy deep reddish purple vegetable that you'll often see either baked or pickled), but adding just a touch of the red veg will add a natural pink tone to the dip that can't be beat (pun fully intended).

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