11 Things You'll Only Understand if Your BFF Is Obsessed With Social Media

Every best friend group has at least one individual who is completely immersed in social media 24/7. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter–you name it, they're on it.

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It's uncommon that you'd ever spot this friend without their phone glued to their hand and their eyes on their screen. You know them for being pros at posting pictures, engaging with their audience and captivating you with their constant stream of selfies.

Scroll on and share with the bestie in your life who fits this description and rules every social platform. ????????????

1. Each morning when you wake up, you can expect to have at least 10 Snapchats waiting for you from them. They have to be the first to try out all the new filters for the day before anyone else.

2. If you go out to eat with them, you will be scolded if you take even the tiniest bite of your food before they get the chance to snap an aerial pic of it. All you wanna do is eat, all they wanna do is get a high-quality pic for their food Insta account. ????

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3. If you upload a picture to Facebook or Insta, you can depend on your bestie to like the post within a matter of seconds. They're lightning fast. ⚡

4. You know for a fact that they have deleted a social media post of their own when it didn't receive the likes, comments or shares that they expected. Engagement to them is everything.

5. When a season premiere or season finale of your fave show is on, you can count on your bestie to live tweet the whole thing and recount every riveting moment. You technically don't even need to tune into the show because all the deets you need are right their on their Twitter feed.

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6. Everything about their Insta account is perfectly curated. They won't post that adorbs pic you two took last weekend until it fits seamlessly with the current color scheme of their feed.

7. They are known for always carrying a portable cell charger in their purse, because heaven knows what would happen if their phone died at an opportune Snapchat moment. ????

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8. Speaking of Snapchat, their story might as well be a full-length film, because it includes every detail of their day from the time they hop out of bed, until their head hits their pillow. Let's just say you never have to wonder how their day is going.

9. They have every single editing app known to man, and have mastered exactly which filter to use for each photo. They could honestly edit a photo in their sleep, they're that good.

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10. If you're ever lacking inspiration for a tweet, status update or picture caption, you can always go to them for guidance. They have a pun or witty one-liner up their sleeve for every occasion.

11. They are the queen of selfies. They know the perfect selfie angle, and have every Instagrammable wall in town programmed in their maps. Obviously.

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