Bianca Elouise Tells Us All About Her Brand Myraswim

Aussie girls have unmatched style, and that'exactly the case with Bianca Elouise.

The Australian native owns her very own swimwear brand, Myraswim, and it's beloved by people all over the world (us included). Not only are we obsessed with Bianca's brand, but we also adore her personal style. We just had to learn more, and she was kind enough to tell us all about herself and Myraswim, in the interview, below!

Name: Bianca Elouise

IG Handle: @biancaelouise and @myraswim

Hometown: Currumbin, Australia

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Fun Facts

1. You can catch Bianca in one of two outfits when she's in a rush.

"It goes two ways—either leggings, an oversized hoodie or jacket and sneakers, or men's jeans, a tight tank and a pair of dunks or Jordans."

-Bianca Elouise


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2. Bianca's favorite piece from her brand is the Zuri One Piece ($230).

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3. Speaking of her brand, Myraswim was made with lots of love.

"Core values stem from my history of surfing growing up on the east coast of Australia and developing a quality line of essential silhouettes that can be rotated throughout each season. I take pride in the garment cuts and my branding. I've really created it as a resort brand and it's just evolved with my taste as I've gotten older. I really love what myself and the brand has become."

-Bianca Elouise

4. She adores Jesse Joseph Geneau's comedy videos on TikTok.


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5. Bianca's personal style is minimal and street-inspired.

"It's rare you see me in a dress. I'm a pants, jeans and sweats girl. I love heels, though. I find a lot of inspo in street style and, to be honest, men's street style. I want to say 40% of my closet is men's clothing or sneakers. People like Aleali may, Jaime Xie and Lara Worthington I adore, but history-wise, I really have always loved Princess Diana's style also. Her casual outfits were so iconic."

-Bianca Elouise

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6. She hasn't eaten meat since she was 7 years old!

7. Bianca's most prized possession in her closet is her Birkin.

"It was an achievement for me and something very special in my eyes. I dress quite minimally so I take pride in my accessories. Watches, handbags etc. I love adding to a simple fit."

-Bianca Elouise


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8. She's very into oversized pants, cargos and jeans.

9. Tumblr is what initially made Bianca obsessed with style.

"I used to spend hours on that platform. It's where, as a teen, I really started to experiment with style and trends and history."

-Bianca Elouise

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10. Bianca is a self-proclaimed workaholic.

"I'm a workaholic, and a lot of people are quick to judge social media by what I share. But I still work seven days a week. Even when I travel. I still work at least three full-time roles for my company. I should have a much larger team than what I do have for the size of my brand now, but I refuse to let go of certain positions."

-Bianca Elouise


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