Boyce Avenue Reveals Why They Chose to Cover THIS Maroon 5 Song with Sarah Hyland

The YouTube-famous trio Boyce Avenue continuously brightens our day with the amazing covers they produce.

Seriously, no one even comes close to their work.

And just when we thought their rendition of "Closer" by The Chainsmokers featuring Modern Family star Sarah Hyland was the cover to end all covers, all four went and put their own spin on Maroon 5's "Don't Wanna Know" and leave us speechless.

In case you need further proof, check out the video below!

The band's lead singer, Alejandro Manzano, told Sweety High that they chose the song because they knew they could make the song their own the moment they heard it.

"'Don't Wanna Know' instantly grabbed our attention when we heard it," he shared. "We felt we would be able to give it a nice acoustic spin, especially with Sarah's vocals to help differentiate it from the original and give the lyrics a new meaning by adding her perspective."

But that's not the only reason the guys wanted to cover the song. Alejandro also revealed that he and his brothers are massive Maroon 5 fans.

"We've been fans ever since they released their debut album Songs About Jane," he gushed. "It's amazing to still hear them putting out great songs after so many years."

We love this song and we're so happy the guys decided to cover it with Sarah. We can't wait for the other covers they will be releasing in the future.


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