10 Things to Do Instead of Texting Your Ex

A lot of things in life require strength—pro-wrestling, twisting the cap off of a Gatorade bottle, not texting your ex.

That's right, just because it may not require physical arm muscle strength to keep your fingers away from your ex's contact, it still requires a whole lot of emotional and mental strength to push those urges down to the deepest pit of your stomach.

If you're overcome by the craving to send a sad, sappy or enraged text to your ex, consider doing one of these following ideas instead. It's all about keeping your mind and hands busy so they don't betray you.

1. Write the Text in a Notebook

Writing in journals is a great way of relieving any sort of stress that you're carrying around with you. In this post-breakup scenario, writing down the texts you intend to send will get those feelings off your chest without the impending feelings of regret.

Close up of girl writing in a notebook.

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2. Make Friendship Bracelets

There is no end to the activity that is making friendship bracelets. Whether you like to bead or braid, you can make bracelets all day long. Give them as gifts to your girls who are handling your sinking sadness incredibly well or start up an Etsy account and sell them.


3.  Bust Out Your Adult Coloring Books

Everyone got one of these bad boys for the holidays, which we know, because we all gave them as gifts. Take some time to use this book for its designed purpose, relieving stress and anxiety. Plus, they're pretty!


4. Play Video Games

Gaming on your phone is way too dangerous. You're just a button and a click away from opening up your Messages app and sending a quick text before your head can catch up with your heart. Pop in a video game instead. Once you really get going, you won't want to put the controller down for anybody.

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5. Dance It Out

Anytime—well, except for when you're in class—you feel the urge to text your ex, turn on one of your favorite jams and dance through the entire song. Once the song is over, your urge should have passed with all of that energy you exerted. We find this technique works best when working on homework. As interesting as Biology is, sometimes our minds wander to more pressing matters of the heart. So take a break, and jam out.


6. Text Yourself

Yes, you can text yourself. Now be careful with this one because you'll have to exercise self-control as to not copy and paste that text into your ex's contact. But if you feel confident, send your desired text to yourself so that you can receive and read it as though you're them. Not pretty, is it?

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7. Hide Your Phone

Sometimes no list of alternative activities can keep us from doing something regrettable. Hand your phone off to your best friend, sibling or parent and have them hide it for a while. Anywhere between 15 minutes and an hour should do the trick. Use this time to do one of the other aforementioned activities that you didn't have the control to do before.


8. Go for a Walk

Girl, you need to get out of the house. If you've been balled up on your bed eating bonbons for the last few days, it's likely you need a little exercise (and a shower). Get out into the world again and see that it is in fact still turning. A nice walk to literally stop and smell the roses will be greatly beneficial to your soul.

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9. Make a Girl Power Playlist

As much as we love music, it can be complete torture when suffering from a broken heart. You never really notice just how many songs revolve around love—be them sad breakup tunes or happy love lyrics, neither of which you can bear to hear right now. Curate a playlist of songs that have absolutely nothing to do with love and everything to do with girl power. Then see suggestion #5.


10. Organize Your Room

Now that you're out of that relationship, it's time to get your life in order. We're talking a deep clean here. You never know what little reminders or notes may be floating around the corners of your drawers. Throw out the old and even consider moving some furniture around to give your room a fresh new look. This way you can feel like a new you every time you walk into your room.


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