Brie Larson's Captain Marvel Trailer Day Tweet Is So Inspiring (and Meaningful)

It's time to put aside the sad events of Marvel'Avengers: Infinity War and get excited about Captain Marvel. The first trailer has been released, and star Brie Larson is celebrating something special.

The preview embraces the uniqueness of the film's title superhero, which is fitting considering that she's the first current MCU female character to get her own movie. The significance of that isn't lost on Brie. She shared her pride on Twitter on Sept. 18, the same day the poster and trailer debuted.

"Look Mom, I'm a superhero," the actress wrote triumphantly alongside the movie's poster, which features her as Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel), looking battle-ready in full superhero regalia.

On the surface, Brie's tweet seems simple enough, but when you consider how she's making movie history, it becomes a lot more inspiring and meaningful. The actress isn't hiding her pride, nor should she. Captain Marvel proves that heroes come in many forms, and that's something we're glad Marvel is finally celebrating.

Watch Brie in the trailer below.

We can't wait to see Captain Marvel save the day. The film hits theaters March 8, 2019.


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