Brontë Fall's Teri Bracken Finds Beauty in the Darkness on Her New Winter EP

Teri Bracken is the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist heading the indie-pop band Brontë Fall, and the group'new Winter EP shows that the artist has a lot on her mind these days.

The EP, which dropped earlier this month, encapsulates her feelings about a couple of dark years, and how she found strength in persevering through them. The powerful collection of six songs will speak directly to your soul, and we got the chance to chat with Teri to find out precisely what Winter means to her.

The Meaning of Winter

Teri Bracken: Winter correlates strongly to my band name, Brontë Fall, which is based after Emily Brontë's poem "Fall, Leaves, Fall." In it, Emily finds beauty in the darker seasons of fall and winter. I wanted to make something beautiful out of these last two years, which were particularly trying for most everyone. Winter is my attempt at the sentiment in Brontë's poem, finding the silver lining in the pandemic, heartache and family struggles.

Bronte Fall in white dress on doorstep

(Photo credit: Ashtin Page)


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Winter's Themes

TB: I would say the main themes are perseverance, heartache and growth (or growing up). I know it's a bit of a hodgepodge, but I feel like we all went through a bit of this. We are always growing (hopefully, lol). I just felt I experienced rather intense growing pains in these last couple of years and learned some hard lessons. I was confronted with real adult hardships—like heartbreak and family illness, that made me consciously think, "Wow, I am a grown-up and I have to deal with this."

In the end, though, I hope listeners feel less lonely, more connected and even hopeful. As much as these songs dealt with hardship, I tried to make them fun and enjoyable to listen to. So, there's that too—enjoyment.


Teri's Favorite Song

TB: Probably "Beyond The Rain." I feel like it's the catchiest song on the album and the most interesting sonically. I turned a traumatic tornado experience into a little whimsical, Dorothy and Toto-inspired, folky-pop song! And what is more fun than that!


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The Artist's Evolution

TB: I feel like I've become more confident, which makes all the difference! I've become more comfortable in myself as an artist and with what I want to say. Yes, I've become a better singer and player, too, but I think character building is even more valuable because it applies to all facets of life. I've learned to trust the process and myself more. I've learned that everything has a reason. And teamwork makes my dream work better!


Teri also shared that Winter is now streaming on all platforms and that they have an awesome merch store HERE.


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