I Tried Scoops' Unusual Brown Brown Bread Ice Cream to Find Out How It Really Tastes

When I'm looking to try out a new local ice cream shop, the more unusual the menu, the better.

I've tried T-rex-shaped cones, olive oil gelato and turkey fat-flavored caramel, but this time around I was looking for something a little more mundane, yet totally original. I found it at Scoops Westside in their "Brown Brown Bread" flavor.

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The shop's ice creams are all handmade, with a rotating menu that changes each and every day so that there's always something new to taste test. Brown Brown Bread is the only flavor that's never missing from the menu, so I knew I had to stop in to give it a try.

When I think of brown bread, I imagine dining at a sit-down steakhouse and being served a loaf of sweet molasses bread with butter. When I saw that Brown Brown Bread ice cream was actually a creamy yellow color dotted with light brown bits, I realized it probably wouldn't taste much like that. But when I took my first bite, I was slightly surprised to find that I wasn't entirely correct.


My first bite contained only the rich, creamy ice cream. It was subtly sweet with a deliciously light caramel flavor, which made me eager to go in for my second little scoop. This time, I got a few pieces of its extra-crunchy "brown bread," which I later discovered were actually Grape Nuts.

Despite being well-mixed into the ice cream, they remained super crisp, and each piece added the strong, slightly yeasty flavor of barley to the surrounding ice cream, which had the unusual effect of conjuring memories of the brown bread I'd imagined earlier. Even though the ice cream actually lacked brown bread, it still evoked that flavor for me really successfully. I thought it was delicious, and I fully intend to return to the shop in the near future to find out what other tasty oddities they might hold in store for me.


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