How Brushedbysophh's Soph and Casey Beres 'Brush' Every Pair of Custom Sneakers With Love

Soph and Casey Beres aren't just close sisters—they're also entrepreneurs and business partners who've made quite a name for themselves with the viral online art shop, Brushedbysophh.

Brushedbysophh offers fully customizable pieces, from sneakers to clothing and more, skillfully painted by hand and "brushed" with love, so that every item they personalize is one-of-a-kind and of the highest possible quality. The brand was born out of Soph's disappointment with a pair of "custom" art sneakers that actually just used cheap stickers, with Soph deciding that if she was going to get the high-standard results she wanted, she'd have to do it herself. From there, she made her first pair of customs, and the rest is history. We had the pleasure of chatting with the duo to learn more about the brand and its history, and they shared it all with us in the interview below.

Brushedbysophh cofounders Soph and Casey Beres

(Image courtesy of Soph and Casey Beres)

Names: Soph & Casey Beres

IG handles: @sophieberes, @caseyberes

Hometown: Monmouth County, New Jersey

Zodiac signs: Gemini (Soph) & Scorpio (Casey)


1. Soph's love of sneakers actually started with Brushedbysophh.

"I became a sneakerhead as soon as I started my business. I can't imagine my closet now without my collection."

-Soph Beres

2. On the other hand, Casey's love for style has animated origins.

"I started watching Japanese anime a couple of years back. I loved how expressive these characters were with their aesthetic. It made me start to really obsess over my own."

-Casey Beres

3. Soph's personal style revolves around streetwear and its versatility.

"What's dope is that this type of style is not specific to any class—literally anyone can rock streetwear."

-Soph Beres

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4. Casey gets a lot of style inspo from Lily Collins as Emily Cooper.

"I think every girl has that one TV character who inspired her wardrobe. I watched Emily in Paris once, and I am now obsessed with Parisian fashion."

-Casey Beres


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5. When Soph is in a rush, she keeps her outfits fresh and simple.

"An oversized hoodie, black leggings, white mid-socks and Nike low-dunks always do me right."

-Soph Beres

6. Casey's favorite outfit has nearly become something of a uniform.

"No matter the weather, I always try to get away with a cardigan, leggings and booties."

-Casey Beres

7. Soph lives by her own mantra that consistency will never lead to a dead end.

" As long as you keep trying, you will see progress."

-Soph Beres

8. Long ago, Casey read the quote, "Listen more than you speak. Nobody ever learned anything from hearing themselves talk," and it's stuck with her ever since.

9. Soph's current favorite accessory is a dangly handcuff earring for one of her piercings, gifted by Casey. Similarly, Casey literally wears a pair of safety pin earrings that Soph bought her every day.


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10. Right now, Soph adores single-needle tattoos.

"I love how dainty they look! So far I have five, but I plan to do more."

-Soph Beres

11. Casey is also obsessed with claw clips.

"My entire feed is filled with ways to style your hair with them."

-Casey Beres

12. Soph's favorite person to follow in TikTok is chef Amaury Guichon.

"I've always followed him on TikTok and admired how dedicated he was to his craft. I recently watched his show School of Chocolate on Netflix and it took my love for him to the next level. He's such a patient and sweet teacher."

-Soph Beres

13. Casey's current favorite TikTok account is Leana Deeb.

"She is such a breath of fresh air in the fitness and influencer space."

-Casey Beres


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14. While Soph's favorite piece from the brand is currently their neutral Hazelnut Latte sneakers, Casey is all about their custom sweatshirts.

15. Soph has a huge heart for animals.

"I have bunnies, some fish, hamsters, a hedgehog and a puppy. Being able to work from home allows me to take care of my little ones."

-Soph Beres

16. Casey actually has a background in business and management, which has definitely come in handy.

"This is why Soph and I have such a good partnership—she can be on the front lines, creating, while I am in the back, brainstorming."

-Casey Beres

17. Soph runs on Dunkin.

"I am obsessed with Dunkin. At this point, their iced coffee runs through my bloodstream."

-Soph Beres

18. Casey's dream vacation is a trip to Anchorage, Alaska.

"It's at the top of my bucket list to see the Iditarod!"

-Casey Beres


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