Catie Turner's 'Nothing' Is the Perfect Ode to Procrastinating Self-Help

Singer-songwriter Catie Turner has a special way with words that always has us enchanted, and her latest single, "Nothing," is no exception.

The warm and energetic '80s-tinged track was released last month as an anthem to those who love airing their grievances but are in no rush to actually solve anything—and we can relate in a big way. We got the chance to chat with Catie about the meaning of the song and its lyrics, and here's everything she revealed to us.

The Story of 'Nothing'

Catie Turner: I think my self-awareness often is to my mental detriment, but sometimes can be a blessing, because it led me to writing "Nothing." I'm a complainer. I love to make things hard for myself, and when I find out the easy solution to my problems or ask my friends constantly for advice, I don't want to take it. "Nothing" is an ode to that. I'm not glorifying it by any means—it's something I gotta work on! But, in the meantime, here is an uptempo song to belt out while you procrastinate self-help.


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What 'Nothing' Means

CT: The song is me taking accountability for some of my lil quirks, and I hope that the listeners can feel seen through the song. I want it to be a self-empowerment song for how you aren't being self-empowered!


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Catie's Favorite Lyric

CT: "I have 99 problems but I make up every one of them." This lyric I don't think is my favorite in the song because it's the "best," but it's the one I relate to most right now. The cool thing about songs is that, depending on your mood or what is happening in your reality at the time, some lyrics punch you harder than they would've, let's say, one week prior.


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