CRAVITY Shares the Important Role LUVITYs Play in New Album [LIBERTY: IN OUR COSMOS]

We've been watching K-pop group CRAVITY closely ever since they debuted in 2020, and it's clear that they've only been getting better—and more confident—with every new musical release.

Their latest, CRAVITY 1ST ALBUM PART 2 [LIBERTY : IN OUR COSMOS] dropped last month with the powerful lead single "Adrenaline," and it's an instantly classic set of songs that are a must-listen for any fan of the genre. If you consider yourself one of their LUVITYs, be sure to read our interview with the group to discover more about [LIBERTY: IN OUR COSMOS] and what it means to the band.

Sweety High: What does the album name CRAVITY 1ST ALBUM PART 2 [LIBERTY : IN OUR COSMOS] mean to you?

SERIM: It means that CRAVITY can become free and happy only when we are with LUVITYs.

MINHEE: The album has everything that I've always wanted to say to our fans. As CRAVITY can do anything with LUVITYs, I want to tell LUVITYs that nothing is impossible with CRAVITY.


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SH: What do you feel are the overarching themes of the album? What kind of feel do you hope fans take away from it?

TAEYOUNG: Youth, of course! The album portrays the free spirit of boys who have been longing for freedom. It's been a while since we've shown a youthful side of CRAVITY, so please look forward to it.

SEONGMIN: I want LUVITYs to be happy after listening to our new album, just as how we have become happy after meeting LUVITYs. I hope our fans understand how we truly feel.


SH: How excited are you to release this second part of your first album? How do you feel that these songs represent the band and where you all are in life right now?

JUNGMO: I'm more than thrilled right now! I hope LUVITYs enjoy our new album as much as we do, and I hope to meet our international LUVITYs soon.

ALLEN: I'm very excited to be showing our fans a newer, more refreshing side of us with this album. I feel like the songs included in the album very well represent our group which presents a youthful energetic image.


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SH: What are your favorite songs on the album, and why?

HYEONGJUN: My favorite track is "Late Night." I love the part where CRAVITY and LUVITYs can all sing along together.

WONJIN: "Adrenaline" for sure! I genuinely enjoy every moment on the stage whenever we perform "Adrenaline.:"


SH: How do you feel you've evolved as artists and performers over the years? How have you grown since [The Awakening: Written in the Stars]?

WOOBIN: Our performance has improved a lot because we feel more relaxed on the stage. I think it's because our members are very reassuring and supportive, and I have come to rely on them a lot.

WONJIN: We've definitely grown as artists and performers since [The Awakening: Written In The Stars]. We've tried various concepts so far, from a powerful, energetic track to a dreamlike, mysterious track. This time, I'm so thrilled to show a new side of us through this album, which both our fans and our members have been longing to try. The vibe of "Adrenaline" is different from our past lead tracks. You'll be able to see a more youthful, cool, and refreshing CRAVITY.


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SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

HYEONGJUN: LUVITYs, I love you a lot and please show lots of love and support for our lead track "Adrenaline."

SERIM: To our international LUVITYs, we really hope to meet you in person soon! Please wait for us and please, please stay healthy! Love you so much!


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