NCT 127's JOHNNY Dishes on His Favorite Moments From Johnny's Communication Center

If you can't get enough of K-pop group NCT 127, you have to be watching JOHNNY's incredible YouTube series Johnny's Communication Center.

The series is all about JOHNNY trying out brand new and unexpected experiences—sometimes solo, and sometimes with other members of the band—often with hilarious results. With 32 episodes released and growing, the series has only gotten better with time—and we got the chance to chat with JOHNNY himself all about what inspired these great videos, and the moments that made him the proudest.

Sweety High: What inspired you to create Johnny's Communication Center? Have you always been interested in pushing your limits and trying new and unexpected things?

JOHNNY: We started JCC as a way to communicate between the members and fans, and little by little it has become what it is today. I love discovering new things and challenging myself. There's so much of the world that is left to experience, and I really want to share my experiences with our fans.

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SH: Have you done anything for the series that you never imagined yourself doing? Which challenge felt the most out of character for you?

JOHNNY: There were many things throughout the series that I never imagined I would try, but none of those activities ever felt out of character for me. In a way, JCC is some friends and I trying new things that we never imagined ourselves doing, and that itself is what the series is all about.

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SH:  What has been the challenge you were most worried or nervous about so far?

JOHNNY: The biggest challenge in the series, for me, was pole dancing. I never knew pole dancing was a sport that required so much physical strength. But the harder the challenge, the better you feel after accomplishing it.


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SH: Which challenge has been the most fun or memorable?

JOHNNY: I have to say one of the most fun and memorable JCC episodes is the flying yoga one. I was able to understand a little bit more about my body, and the fact that I wasn't able to easily control it. But most of all, having MARK there with me laughing throughout the experience was the best part.


SH: How has it felt to also rope other NCT 127 members into these challenges? Does any moment with them from the series stick out to you?

JOHNNY: It's always a lot of fun when our members participate in the series. We really make lots of new memories together. Especially, one of the best experiences we have been through together was when we all were able to visit my hometown, Chicago, and I was able to show them around.


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SH:  Which challenge have you been the proudest of?

JOHNNY: The proudest challenge would have to be when I brewed my own beer. That's probably because I was able to taste the efforts that went into making them. Best beer I had in my whole life.


SH: Is there anything else we should know about Johnny's Communication Center?

JOHNNY: I want to continue sharing my experiences with our fans for as long as possible, and give joy to the people watching. That's all there really is to JCC. Sharing experiences and sharing smiles.

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