Christina Grimmie Says "Adopt Your Pets!"

Christina Grimmie is a YouTube superstar as well as a finalist on The Voice, and it turns out she's also passionate about animal adoption! She stars in a new spot for peta2!Christina Grimmie Peta2 Adoption Pet

In the video, Christina shares the spotlight with her sweet dog Chloe. Instead of getting Chloe from a store or breeder, Christina took Chloe into her home when a friend couldn't take care of her.

You can save a dog's life by adopting a dog in need from an animal shelter rather than buying one!

"I love my dog so much and she's like my best friend, and though I'm not actually talking to her, she knows what I'm saying," Christina says in the video. "That's how it is with a lot of dogs. She's just the best."

While taking care of a pet can be an absolutely amazing experience, Christina also stresses the importance of knowing what a responsibility it is to take care of an animal. You never want to realize you don't have the time to love your pet and be forced to let them go back to a shelter.

Christina would also love to volunteer at an animal shelter herself one day!

It's great that Christina is joining artists like Madison Beer, China Anne McClain and Cody Simpson in her support of peta2! You can comment below and join us at to share all of your favorite pet moments with us!