From the moment we came across WERKSHOPS’s Instagram, we fell in love.

This brand is unique in that all of the designs and artwork are original to WERKSHOP and created by the founder, Chriztina Marie. Chriztina is truly a force to be reckoned with, and she gives Girl Boss a whole new meaning. Interested in learning more about her? Keep scrolling for some fun facts about Chriztina!

chriztina marie real girls sweet style werkshop

Name: Chriztina Marie

IG Handle: @werkshop and @chriztinamarie

Hometown: Kansas City, Kansas

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Fun Facts:

1. Chriztina’s grandmother taught her how to sew at a young age:

“I’ve always been one to express my personality through my clothing. My grandmother taught me how to sew when I was a kid and I remember going to the sewing section at Walmart and daydreaming about how I would alter the dresses on the McCalls patterns. The first time I made my own pants, it totally rocked my world and the rest was history!”

-Chriztina Marie


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2. Her go-to outfit when she’s in a rush is WERKSHOP Bicycle Shorts ($62-80), a lightweight sweater and a mala.

werkshop biker shorts honeybee



3. Her brand, WERKSHOP, keeps her very busy:

“WERKSHOP is an active lifestyle brand featuring my personal and original artwork. I do all of the creative designing (artwork), technical designing (pattern drafting) and marketing (photography, content creation) myself. It’s a lot of hats to wear, but I love every minute of it. We are a team of three women making the magic happen and we do everything ourselves in my small studio in Monrovia, California. We cut, print the fabric, sew, package and ship in-house!”

-Chriztina Marie

4. Chriztina has been loving scrunchies lately and always has one on her wrist or in her hair.

werkshop scrunchie



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5. Her top three favorite prints from WERKSHOP include Sugar Skulls, Dark Unicorn and Red Pandas.

6. Chriztina is a pro Etch a Sketch artist:

“Aside from owning and designing WERKSHOP, I am also a rare Etch a Sketch Artist. I go live on TikTok often and just started sharing my Etch a Sketch art on Instagram. It’s been a world of fun to introduce such a nostalgic toy to a new generation.”

-Chriztina Marie


7. Her favorite piece in her closet at the moment is WERKSHOP’s Red Panda Bicycle Length Shorts ($80).

8. One of her favorite quotes is by Elvis:

“Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine.”



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9. Comfort is a big priority for Chriztina:

“For the day-to-day, I am always wearing printed WERKSHOP bottoms with a solid top and jewelry. I love to be able to hop on my spin bike right after getting home from the studio and not have to change clothes. Comfort is always the top priority for me. Life is too short for uncomfortable clothing.

When I go out, though, I do like to take it to the nines. I usually wear 90% solid neutrals with small pops of color. One of my favorite outfits is wearing my Dark Sugar Leggings ($88) under a long black sheer dress with black boots and a black mala. I absolutely love small details that tie everything together.”

-Chriztina Marie

werkshop dark sugar leggings



10. She has amazing advice for anyone out there looking to start their own business:

“You will get knocked down. Often. You just need to be as resilient as possible and keep getting back up. Like the song ‘Tubthumping’ by Chumbawamba. Down let mistakes hold you back or weigh you down … but instead, appreciate them for the lessons they will bring.”

-Chriztina Marie


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