The Biggest TikTok Fashion Trends Right Now

When your For You Page on TikTok isn't filled with dance moves you can't wait to attempt and more duets and voiceovers than you could count if you tried, there's a good chance that it's full of fun fashion trends.

We love that the app is packed with fashion advice and outfit inspo, both from professional stylists and everyday streetwear icons alike, so whether you're just as eager to try these out as the dances you've seen while scrolling or you'd rather stick to the classics, here are some of the biggest TikTok fashion trends right now:

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Printed Denim

Denim never goes out of style, but sometimes we get a little sick of rocking the same few pairs of jeans over and over again. Thankfully, printed denim is the new TikTok trend that's making it easier for us to experiment with our style and add a little extra visual interest in an unexpected way. Think checkerboard patterns, swirls and just about everything in between.

@shoprebeldolls printed denim is just better 💅🏻 #thatwaslastweek #printeddenim #colorfulpants #fallfashion #fallclothing #trendyclothing #preppyclothing #cuteclothingstores #letsmoveon #chapter2 #rebeldolls #shoprebeldolls #website #onlineclothingboutique #preppyasthetic #funnyvideos #funnyboutique #retailthreapy #preppylifestyle #preppyjewelrygirl #preppytok #clothingtrends #trendy #trending ♬ original sound – Evan


Gold Chain Link Bracelets

Have all your friends been rocking a little extra shine on their wrists lately? It might be thanks to this popular TikTok trend: gold chain link bracelets. These can be as delicate or as bold as you like, and they layer extremely well for a versatile application that goes with just about anything.

@caitlynminimalist The iconic Curb Chain Bracelet, 4 ways✨ #goldjewelryaesthetic #jewelrybusiness #goldjewelry #customjewelry #goldbracelet #jewelrystyling #jewelryinspo #summerjewelry ♬ Lazy Sunday – Official Sound Studio


Low-Rise Jeans

Another denim trend that we can't seem to stop seeing all over our For You Pages is low-rise jeans, which stems from the sudden boom in "Y2K" fashion styles lately. While some people dreaded the return of this style, it clearly isn't going anywhere (other than into our closets) anytime soon, so it just might be worth a shot.

@belovedaimeestyling my low rise true religion jeans – historically correct ☝🏼♬ original sound – aimée


Lavender Love

Lavender has been a severely underrated color in fashion until 2022, when we're now starting to see it all over TikTok in the form of sweaters, sandals, bags and so much more. While we normally think of this as a more springtime-friendly shade, creators have proven that lavender is worth a spot in our wardrobes all year long.

@swostika_acharya1 Color me lavender 💜 – OOTD #grwm #getreadywithme #outfit #outfitideas #outfitideasnepal #ootd #ootdnepal #outfitoftheday #wimteroutfit #winter #falloutfit #falloutfitnepal #winteroutfitnepal #nepalioutfit #howtostyleoutfits #fyp #fypシ #trending #swostikaacharya ♬ Tukoh Taka – Various Artists


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Gilded Gold From Head to Toe

We thank Bravo star and popular podcaster Paige Desorbo for this one, but gold is having a major moment right now. The trend we're seeing on TikTok is gold from head to toe (think long-length skirts with gold tank tops and shoes), but you can always tone it down a bit for yourself by sticking with gold-toned accessories and other details in place of a full-on gilded gold look.

@bstrdjewelry Watch me style my jewelry of the day from head to toe ✨ #style #foryou #stylingtips ♬ HOW YOU FEEL – DEMO


Puffy Slip On Heels

If you've been just about anywhere in 2022, you've no doubt seen at least one girl sporting a certain type of shoe: the puffy strapped heel. Sold everywhere from Amazon to Target and at every store in between, these simple yet sophisticated shoes can really accentuate just about any outfit.

@thriftbylame Heels anti pegel🖤 link bio no.4 #fyp #EkstraBantuin #fluffyheels #strapheels #rekomendasiheelslebaran #heelsantipegel #heelsrecommendation #shopeefinds #hiburanseruramadan ♬ Habibi x DJ GimiO Albanian remix – ☪︎


Cargo Pants

We've already talked about how Y2K fashion is having its moment in the sun once again, but it wouldn't mean a thing if we didn't shine some focus on the ever-so-trendy (at least on TikTok) cargo pants. They're comfy, they're cool and they make you seem like you really get fashion (even if you're completely clueless like most of us).

@fizzkhan52 This combo 👍🏽 cargos from @stradivarius #fyp #fashioninspo #cargopants ♬ Grillz – Nelly


Cross-Front Jeans

We've known about the criss-cross front leggings (mainly from popular brands like Aerie) for a while now, but that doesn't stop us from craving a pair of these TikTok-famous trendy bottoms. It's a flattering style that might as well be known as a big-time confidence booster, and you simply can't go wrong with that.

@zoelattuca blue👖baby! these are 🔗on my amazon storefront under "bottoms" located in my instagram bio💙@amazonfashion @amazon #fashiontiktok #fashion #amazon #amazonfashion #amazonfinds ♬ original sound – xxtristanxo


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Leather Everything

As we begin the transition from summer staples to fall fashion, certain trends are taking over our For You Pages faster than you can say "I'll have a tall pumpkin spice latte, please." One of these trends that TikTok can't get enough of is leather—well, faux leather, to be more specific (and much more animal-friendly). We've seen creators sporting everything from leather shorts and trousers to dresses, skirts, tops and so much more. It's an artistic and edgy look that can be quite a bit more comfortable than you might think, so long as you choose your pieces wisely.

@shoppinklily Trending this Fall: LEATHER🖤😍 #styling #howtostyle #waystowear #newarrivals #outfitinspo #outfitideas #leather #trending #falltrends #currentlytrending #fall #pinklily #bestsellers #falloutfits #outfitinspo #musthave ♬ original sound – Pink Lily


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Corset Tops

While we lightly touched on corsets when discussing the Bridgerton-worthy styles that took over our feeds earlier this year, this look has officially taken over and earned its own place on our list of the top TikTok fashion trends. From the viral lace corset from Urban Outfitters to cropped sweatshirts, sweaters and just about every kind of top in between, corsets can't be missed as we move into autumn fashion. Don't be afraid to give them a try yourself, even if you need to check your TikTok for inspiration first.

@astragirll which one shiuld i wear tmrw? 🥰 #corsettop #fashiontrends #urbanoutfitters #urbanoutfitterscorset #modernlovecorset #summerfits #styleinspo 's version)" href="" rel="noopener">♬ cruel summer sped up – bia (taylor's version)


Bomber Jackets

Another current TikTok fashion trend that's perfect for transitioning from summer to fall is the bomber jacket, which is a classic style that's coming back in full force. Bomber jackets are a great length for just about any body type, and they pair well with almost any kind of outfit. If you're picking one up to add to your own closet, try sticking to neutral colors like army green or black before diving into trendier tones.

@hannaroslan0 An essential 🖤 #bomberjacket #autumnfashion2022 #ootd #foryou #fyp ♬ Hit chu wit da blick – solvvrr broke again


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Blazers Over Minidresses

Blazers alone are a major TikTok fashion trend of 2022, but layered over a minidress? Now that's practically an art form. There's a reason this look has become increasingly popular on the social media platform, especially when you consider how weather appropriate it is for both warm weather and chillier temperatures. Plus, the addition of a blazer can keep a minidress more appropriate for a variety of settings that you might want to have some extra coverage for, making it a fashion statement that's an overall win-win for comfort and style.

@roseeelo Styling your summer dress for fall 🍃#minidress #dress #styletips #howtostyle #falloutfits #revolve #blazer #boots #fallboots #falloutfitinspo ♬ Sweetest Pie – Megan Thee Stallion & Dua Lipa



Forget the feather boas you might've used as part of your Halloween costume in years passed—we're talking real feathered fashion. From tube tops to dresses, feathers are taking over right now but in the most glam of ways for this current TikTok fashion trend. But beware if you decide to give it a go for yourself, you might just be finding those feathers all over the place well past this trend's expiration date, as similar to glitter, lost feathers just seem to find their way anywhere and everywhere. choose your fighter 🤺 #fashionforyou ♬ Don't Trust Me – the booyah! kids


Butterfly Everything

From butterfly tops to butterfly prints and even butterfly clips, this TikTok trend flew right onto our radars this year and stuck around like a butterfly in a flower garden. It's a little bit Y2K, a little bit girly-girl and a lot of youthful fun energy, so think of it as a trend that you can incorporate either subtly or as an all-out venture.

@sofiaawalters what i got from the @Djerf Avenue x @Emi Jay LA pop-up!! it was such a great time🤍🤍 #djerfavenue #djerfavenuesummer #djerfavenuehaul #djerfavenueunboxing #matildadjerfstyle #emijay #emijayclawclip #emijayclips ♬ lovefool – ★


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Fitted Midi-Dresses

While mini-skirts and maxi dresses certainly aren't going anywhere in 2022, the fitted midi-dress is taking over. This TikTok fashion trend really brings the best of both worlds: the coverage of a below-the-knee dress with the more grown-up appeal of a bodycon fit. Plus, they come in every style under the sun, from popular cutout looks to cowl necks and everything in between, so you're sure to find a fit that works for you.

Catsuit-Style Jumpsuits

Blame Catwoman if you like, but this trend is taking over. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find a single award show or red carpet premier that someone didn't rock a catsuit to this year, and it isn't tough to see why. This ultra-sexy style combines the power of a jumpsuit with the extra edginess provided by the tight fit, but the beauty of this TikTok fashion trend comes down to how incredibly differently it can be worn. From athleisure-friendly styles to glittery numbers that might as well be Oscar-worthy, it's a bold look that can work for almost anyone brave enough to give it a try.

@missdoubleyy 3 easy and cute ways how to style a super simple knit midi dress 💚 Dress @yythelabel #howtostyle #howtowear #outfitideas #mididress #knitdress #summerdress ♬ stereo love x we found love – LOUD LUXURY

'French Girl' Style

Think clean, simple lines, sharp statement pieces and bold basics that come together in an effortlessly chic way. The French Girl style focuses on the beauty in simplicity and creating a more classic style that—for the most part—rejects the nature of other trends. However, this trend is far from boring, and it almost can't be called a trend due to its overall timelessness. If you haven't started a capsule wardrobe of French girl-friendly pieces yet, it might just be time to pop onto the app and get some style inspiration.

@lucymayashburner this better be me this summer🤎 #fashion #style #frenchgirl #parisianstyle #summeroutfits #pintrest #paris #fyp ♬ original sound – sped up songs ❤️‍🩹



'90s Denim

While our first addition to the list of the current biggest TikTok fashion trends isn't exactly new, it certainly hasn't gone anywhere of late. Rather, '90s denim seemed to find its way into more outfits than we would've thought possible. It's not hard to imagine why, though, as these versatile jeans are the perfect wardrobe transitional item (pair them with tiny tops when the temps are rising or chunky sweaters when it feels more like winter). After all, it's no wonder why Addison Rae is a huge fan of this fashion trend!

@addisonre♬ original sound – Kavya


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Vest Tops

Another TikTok fashion trend that we've been seeing on our feeds for a while is the vest top. However, as things heated up this year, these vests have gotten a little less chunky and a little more cropped—perfect for the change in season as things heat up.

@nadanassereldin7 How to style vests ✨ follow me on ig for more outfits inspo 🤍 #fyp #outfitinspiration #explor #viral #ootd #outfitideas2022 ♬ no lie – favsoundds


'Dad' Fashion

Have you noticed our girl Dixie D'Amelio rocking baseball caps that look like they could've swiped straight from your dad's closet? Even if you haven't, you might be craving one of these accessories for yourself thanks to the overall versatility (not to mention the ability to hide a bad hair day). Beyond just hats worthy of our fathers, though, "dad"-like styles have been a major TikTok fashion trend in general. Think those chunky white "cool girl" sneakers—Air Force 1's or not—shirt jackets ("shackets," as TikTok fashionistas have affectionately titled them) and even sweatsuits.

@dixiedamelio @ky and brooke ♬ original sound – 😝😝


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Pleated Skirts

To cancel out the boxiness of all that dad fashion comes the flirty, feminine pleated mini-skirts that have taken over TikTok the current fashion trends. Not only are these skirts flattering on virtually any figure, but they're also a cute way to dress up those oversized sweatshirts and chunky sneakers you've been rocking for months. Hey, you've got to give your bike shorts a break sometimes, right?

@lena.ayad styling a pleated skirt 🖤 #outfitinspo ♬ lizzie mcguire you are an outfit repeater – Megan McSherry (she/her)


All Shades of Brown

No matter which side of stylist TikTok you've found yourself on, you likely haven't been able to escape the prevalence of nature's most neutral shade: Brown. We're actually super happy to see this one as a ruling TikTok fashion trend of the moment, as it's a super flattering hue that can be worn in everything from those aforementioned pleated skirts and sweaters to sundresses, slacks and so many other items. While khaki has been finding its way onto our feeds, too, nothing beats the warmth and neutrality of a sleek brown fit.

@allthingsolive I will forever love brown fits 😎🤎 Details on my IG #curls #curlyhair #ootd #brownoutfits ♬ Pony x Only Girl In The World by Altegomusic – ALTÉGO


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Retro Sunglasses

The '90s are back in more ways than one, including with our eyewear. From vintage shapes like slim ovals that seem to barely offer your eyes any coverage to oversized academic-looking sunnies you can barely fit in your bag, what was once considered old is now new again with this TikTok fashion trend.

@paparazziready Spring is Coming! Add these frames to your collection #MaiselChallenge #sunnies #shades #retroshades #rimlessframes #sunglasslover #tiktokfashion ♬ original sound – yolo&lt333💗🦋


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Matching Sets

If you're the kind of person who struggles to pick out a top and bottom that work together seamlessly, you're not alone. Thankfully, matching sets do all the hard work for you (which is why we're so happy that this TikTok fashion trend is taking over right now). Think crop tops paired with matching bellbottoms, shorts and even maxi skirts in all your favorite colors, patterns and even textures. Now that the weather is getting warmer, it really is the perfect time to show off your fave matching set.

@sophiaelkay in love – this is actually my favourite summer order so far @meshki #meshki #summer #coord #dress #haul #tryon ♬ original sound – 🙂


Cutouts Everywhere

From a cheeky bit of shoulder skin showing from your sweater to a hint of your abs peaking from your otherwise totally modest dress, cutout season is officially here. This fashion trend has taken over TikTok in recent months, and it isn't hard to imagine why when you look at the incredible versatility. Cutouts can be found everywhere from the high fashion runways to the fast-fashion frenzies of SHEIN and beyond, so there's a good chance that we'll be seeing this style around for a while.

@maddytooth_ Cutout tops all on urban #fyp #fashiontiktok #stylist #streetwear #streetwearstyle #y2k #fy #foryou ♬ way 2 seggsy – xxtristanxo


Bridgerton-Worthy Styles

Corsets, long skirts and babydoll dresses, oh my! Bridgerton hasn't only taken over our screens, it's also taking over our closets and TikTok just can't get enough. While you might not be sporting an empire-waist dress any time soon, you can incorporate this TikTok fashion trend in other, more wearable, ways. Try a cute little corset-style top paired with your favorite denim and a blazer, or even a long floral skirt paired with some edgy boots for a mix of textures and a play on femininity.

@_ymv_inspiration Bridgerton inspired dresses part 1 🐝🌸#bridgerton#bridgertonera#bridgertonfashion#1800sfashion#sheinfashion#1800sdress ♬ Bridgerton (Theme) – The Theme System


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Whether you're trying to give yourself a boost in the height department or just trying to keep up with all the biggest TikTok fashion trends happening right now, platforms are just the hot ticket item to look out for right now. If you're not ready to go all the way with the platform boots you've likely seen on your For You Page at some point, you can keep it low-key by trying out a small platform espadrille or Chelsea boot. The world is your oyster when it comes to this fashion trend, just be sure to practice walking around in them before rocking them at your next social event.

@vryswagsam platform >>>> no platform any day #demonias #platformshoes ♬ original sound – bobsburgersvids



Y2K fashion has officially reached its peak with the epic return of the miniskirt. If you're looking for a perfect pairing to wear with your new platform boots, look no further! This TikTok fashion trend is another that may not be so school dress code-friendly, but it sure is a fun item to wear with your favorite tops of all kinds. Plus, they come in every shape and form possible, from high-waisted to ultra-mini, so you're sure to find one that suits you best.

@amberdowty It's the Selby Mini Skirt from @princesspolly use XOAMBER for a discount ✨ #miniskirt #y2koutfit #springoutfit #outfitinspo #pinterestoutfit #pinterestaesthetic #fashiontiktok #thisisperfect #everydayoutfit #perfectperfectperfect #HPSustainableSounds #miniskirtoutfit ♬ original sound – Lifestyle


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Wide-Leg Trousers

"Capsule wardrobes" are everywhere on TikTok in 2022, making one of the primary staples of such a wardrobe—the wide-leg pants or trousers—one of the biggest trends of the year. The great thing about this trend is that it's not only flattering on virtually every body type, but also a classic style that you can transition throughout seasons and from casual to formalwear. Think flowy cotton trousers for summer with more structured or even faux leather pants for the fall and winter months, all items that can be paired with seemingly endless combinations of tops, outerwear and accessories for nonstop versatility.

@lilrotini i am slightly convinced #styling #widelegjeans ♬ Angeleyes (Sped Up Version) – tuna (DAR+LING)


'Coastal Grandmother' Chic

Pair your wide-leg trousers with a classic button-down shirt and you're well on your way to mastering the TikTok fashion trend of so-called "coastal grandmother" chic. You've probably seen this look before even if you didn't realize it—it's all about capturing that idealistic strolling-along-the-beach-during-my-summer-in-the-Hamptons feeling, regardless of whether or not you've ever actually been to the Hamptons. Plus, it's a timeless look that, despite the name, doesn't make you look old or grandma-like. It's all about comfort, soft colors and easy breathable layers, things that look good in any closet.

@beingjulia Everything I'm wearing is from @Lulus 🧡 #luluspartner #lovelulus #coastalgrandmother #fashiontiktok #fashion101 #size8fashion #summerfashion #fashioninspo #size8style ♬ Chill Vibes – Tollan Kim


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Longer-Length Shorts

We all love a pair of short shorts once in a while, especially during the warmer months. However, longer-length shorts that feel rather familiar to the Bermuda shorts of our youth are having a moment right now thanks to the world of TikTok fashion. The benefits of this style are aplenty, from being more school-appropriate to being flattering on a wide array of body types. To rock this style properly, it's all about balance. Think about the lengths of the pieces you rock on your top half as well as your shoes before throwing a pair on, and when in doubt check your trust TikTok feed to see how other people are rocking this fashion trend.

@anna.comer Bermuda shorts & a graphic tee are the new summer uniform 🤌🏼 also, normalize wearing the same shirt you slept in #capsulewardrobe #thriftedfashion #summeroutfitinspo #secondhandfashion ♬ Daylight – Harry Styles


So, whether you love every item on this list and already had them added to your cart the moment they passed through your feed or felt like a few of them are just not your thing, the TikTok fashion trends of the moment are a sight to be seen this season. Fingers crossed for even more A+ styles coming across your FYP soon.

Speaking of, we're expecting blazers to be taking over in the coming months—and you can figure out how to style them yourself by clicking HERE.