5 Things You Can Compliment People on That Have Nothing to Do With Looks

Compliments feel good, whether you're giving them or getting them.

They're also an extremely simple and virtually effortless way to make someone's day, or even to break the ice and make a new friend. When it comes to compliments, the more heartfelt they are, the better, and while giving a compliment based on physical appearance may often seem like the easiest bet, we'd urge you to try something a little less superficial.

Sure, some people love looks-based compliments, but there are so many more important things you could highlight about a person instead (plus, you never know if a compliment about appearance might be triggering for someone). With all that said, you might need some examples of things you can compliment people on that have nothing to do with looks—and we've got you covered. Don't hold back on complimenting:

1. Someone's Intelligence

Here's a compliment that that doesn't get spoken about enough. Intelligence can't exactly be seen, but it can be heard and experienced when you're around someone. If they just seem to know the ins and outs of every Shakespeare play or can't help but get a 100 on every math test, go ahead and compliment them on that. When doing so, though, be careful not to sound like you're being sarcastic or giving a backhanded compliment. Authenticity is key, always.


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2. Someone's Laugh

You know that friend whose laugh lights up a room, or whose cackle can be heard from down the hall? A contagious laugh is always well-worth complimenting. An honorable mention here: Someone's voice (especially if you catch them singing along to a song in the car and being actually really, really good).

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3. Someone's Sense of Humor

In today's society of sharing memes as a primary form of communication, this one is easier than you may think. Instead of simply liking the funny video that your funniest friend sends you, give an actual reply (even if it's a short one made mostly of emojis).


4. Someone's Sense of Style

Okay, so technically, this one has a little something to do with looks, but we're including it because it has less to do with their physical body and more about their creativity and sense of expression. If someone always shows up well-dressed or just has a unique style that you've always admired, tell them. It'll make their day and show them that their efforts are noticed by others.

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5. Someone's Vulnerability

If you're going a bit deeper with someone, let them know that you appreciate them for doing so. Vulnerability deserves to be celebrated, so tell someone, "I appreciate you telling me that," or "I love that you're open with me about that," the next time such a situation comes up.


While this list really only scratches the surface of non-looks-based compliments you can give, it's a great start to showing you that there's plenty more out there worth celebrating about someone than just their physical appearance.

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