Connie Constance's 'Fairy Boss' Anthem 'Miss Power' Helped Her Believe in Herself

Connie Constance's new single "Miss Power" is about to put her on the world's radar in a big way.

The English singer-songwriter soars in this anthem for women coming into their own power and taking control of their own fates, with a vibrant and upbeat indie rock-pop sound that's sure to get you on your feet. It's been stuck in our heads since the very first listen, and we got the chance to chat with Connie about the new single, its lyrics and what inspired her to write it.

The Story Behind 'Miss Power'

Connie Constance: It's a fairy boss b**** anthem that I actually needed myself at the time. During the pandemic, I was cleaning offices and toilets once a week to have enough money to come to the studio and to keep up my training in dance, it can be quite hard to keep a dream in your mind whilst squirting bleach down a toilet. It's for everyone that's working their a*** off every day just trying to keep their head above water.


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What 'Miss Power' Means

CC: With the rise of the cost of living and no clear respite in sight, I hope that this song can do for others what it has done for me—kept me motivated, strengthened my belief in myself and opened my eyes to where it's possible to take control of my fate. It's a song that says I'm going off into the world to see what I can find. Who's coming?


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Connie's Favorite Lyric

CC: "Most valuable player, cause if I know I've got me, I don't need a savior." I always think of Cool Runnings when I hear this lyric in the song, when Junior is looking in the mirror amping himself up. I think a great power and emotional freedom comes from being your own best mate. That's how I feel, anyway. So this lyric is kind of a reminder that "you've got this." Me to me, or you to you.


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