Spencer Crandall Explores the Awkwardness and Confusion of a Breakup in 'What Do We Do Now?'

Country heartthrob Spencer Crandall never fails to tug on our heartstrings with his sentimental and genuine approach to the genre, and his latest single, "What Do We Do Now?" is no exception.

With its smooth sound and poignant lyrics reflecting Spencer's real experiences following the end of a relationship, he asks the questions most breakup songs leave out. Who gets the couch you just bought together? Should you still wish each other a happy birthday? It's these mundane details that really make the track hit home, and we got the chance to chat with Spencer to learn more about the song and precisely how it came to be.

The Story Behind 'What Do We Do Now?'

Spencer Crandall: For some people, a breakup is the answer. It gives them clarity and they know what they need to do now. For me, it was the exact opposite. Breaking up left me with a thousand new questions. I felt so confused and alone and scared. I was so concerned with what would happen next, because I really cared for this person and I wanted to know so badly how we'd fit into each other lives moving forward.

This song is about a breakup that I went through a few years ago. The person who I ended things with, was the same person I wrote "My Person" about, so it was a very serious relationship. I think that's what added to the confusion, sadness and stress.


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What 'What Do We Do Now?' Means

SC: This song means a lot to me. I want to give my fans songs for every season in life. I haven't really heard a song that talks about the actual moment of breaking up and the awkwardness that comes with it. I hope my fans find solidarity and the fact that they aren't alone.


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Spencer's Favorite Lyric

SC: "Can we go from being in love back to friends or is this 'I guess I'll see you around?'" That line is really the premise of the whole song and the tension between what you should do.

It's heartbreaking to think that you can go from best friends, madly in love, to strangers again. The hardest part is the figuring out of who gets what, how do we interact moving forward, and how we should feel about each other. I think "What Do We Do Now?" does a great job of posing those questions with the right emotion and tone for fans to be able to relate and heal alongside the song.


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