Keep Warm All Fall Long by Sporting One of These Creative Scarves

No accessory screams fall quite like a scarf.

It's the quintessential element to pull together any look this season.

Complete your fall outfits with one of the 13 creative scarves below. Which one caught your eye?

Bacon and Eggs Scarf: $15

Wear your favorite breakfast food around your neck in order to remind yourself why you should never skip the most important meal of the day.

Bacon and eggs scarf

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Nyan Cat Scarf: $25.20

Nyan! Nyan! Nyan!

Nyan cat scarf

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Pencil Scarf: $25

Stay sharp all school year long with this bad boy draped over your shoulders.

Pencil scarf

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Dratini Pokémon Scarf: $34.36

If ever there was a Pokémon made even cuter in scarf form, it would be Dratini.

Dratini Pokémon scarf

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Shooting Star Scarf: $50

Make a wish whenever you need to most with this handy-dandy scarf.

Shooting star scarf

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Chocolate Covered Strawberries Scarf: $45

Those strawberries look delicious, but take a bite and all you'll get is a mouth full of yarn.

Chocolate covered strawberries scarf

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Beagle Scarf: $50

Miss being around your sweet pup every time you head off to school? Simply wear them in scarf form so they're always by your side.

Beagle scarf

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Cockatoo Scarf: $101.94

Fool your peers into believing you're sporting an actual cockatoo with this sneaky scarf.

Cockatoo scarf

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Siamese Cat Scarf: $80

Every self-admitted crazy cat lady needs one of these in their lives.

Siamese cat scarf

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Unicorn Scarf: $74

How can you say no to wearing this precious gem?

Unicorn scarf

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Watermelon Scarf: $40.09

Watermelon scarves are our favorite types of scarves.

watermelon scarf

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Caution Tape Scarf: $34.50

Throw this on when you're having a bad day and don't want to talk to anyone. Boom.

caution tape scarf

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Sloth Scarf: $40

Soft and fluffy, petting this sloth scarf whenever you're feeling stressed is sure to help you find your zen.

Sloth scarf

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