All The Stages Of Seeing Our Crush On The First Day Of School

One of the best things about going back to school (yes, there's something good about it) is finally seeing your crush after spending those summer months apart. And we know just how the reunion you've been waiting for goes down.

You're walking down the hall to your locker, when you see your crush standing at the locker right next to yours!

But you realize you're in public and need to play it somewhat cool.

Then you channel your inner Beyonce as you strut over to your locker.

You get there and throw a playful smile at your crush so they are aware of your presence.

Your crush smiles back and then asks you how your summer was. On the inside you look like this…

But on the outside you're calm, cool and collected and tell your crush all about your fab summer like it was NBD!

Right as you are about to ask your crush how their summer was, the bell rings and they totally ditch you!

So you're forced to walk to class wondering if you will ever see them again.

You get to class and are totally shocked to see your crush has the same class as you.

What's even better is that the desk next to them is open, so you make sure to swoop it in the most fabulous way ever.

And your crush flashes you their gorgeous smile and you know the rest of the day is going to be everything you imagined and more!


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