Everything That Happens When You Have a Crush on Your Brother's BFF

Whether you get along with your brother or not, there's one thing you won't argue about—his BFF is the real deal!

The butterflies you feel every time your bro's bestie walks through your front door are enough to momentarily distract you from the fact that your annoying sibling left you with their dirty dishes that morning.

If you get googly-eyed over your brother's best friend, you'll relate to everything below!

1. Your adoration for this guy is seemingly public knowledge to everyone but him. Yes, you've essentially shouted your affection from the rooftops. Your brother, parents, friends—heck, probably teachers at this point—all know how you feel. But for some reason, your crush, himself, hasn't picked up on the news (or maybe he's just in denial because you are his best friend's sister).

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2. Your brother obviously doesn't see you as anything except his sister, so the thought of you even exchanging a minor flirtation with his BFF grosses him out beyond words. Don't expect him to ship this pair.

3. You went from hating sports, to suddenly being your bro's number one supporter on the playing field. Any excuse to see his bestie in uniform is an excuse for you to leave the house.

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4. Like any other crush, you've definitely planned your future with your brother's bestie. Clearly, the two of you will run off into the sunset—no brother in sight.

5. Since when did you fight for Nintendo rights after school? Oh, since you had the chance to play against your bro's bestie, that's when.

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6. Your girlfriends roll their eyes every time you make a mention of this crush. They know your potential union is incredibly unrealistic and they think you are ridiculous for liking someone with such an age gap.

7. Curse the moments your brother causes a scene in front of the bestie. How dare he call you out for eating the last frozen burrito in the freezer! He's always in the wrong, so for him to make it seem at all otherwise is pure embarrassment.

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8. You've begged your mom for any opportunity to keep the bestie in your presence. She obviously made plenty of extra mashed potatoes for dinner. And she definitely wants company during that long, dark ride to drive him home.

9. Is the BFF free on Dec. 15? Family vacay won't be the same without him.


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