10 Things Only a Hardcore Daya Fan Will Know!

We're pretty sure you know every lyric to Daya'"Hide Away"–but how much do you really know about the 17-year-old in general?

Her quick rise to fame this year was something out of a dream: One minute she's hanging with her high school friends in her hometown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the next, her hit "Hide Away" goes platinum and she's jetting across the U.S. from show to show.

Our former #WCW seems to be everywhere these days, especially on the radio, where she lends her vocals on one of the current most regularly played hits "Don't Let Me Down."

was a lil windy but loved every minute of it thank u WANGO TANGO @1027kiisfm

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And her impressive resume keeps growing. This year alone she snagged Best New Artist at the 2016 Radio Disney Music Awards, performed her second single "Sit Still, Look Pretty" live on The Today Show and opened for Vine-turned-pop rap duo Jack and Jack.

So we decided to do some digging to find you 10 cool facts you didn't know about this legendary superstar-in-the-making!

1. She was born with the name Grace Tandon, but goes by the moniker Daya

When she started recording "Hide Away," her team discovered another young pop artist from Australia named Grace had just come out. Grace Tandon wanted to be different, so she decided to channel her Indian roots–her grandfather is Indian–and landed with Daya, which is the Hindi translation for Grace.

what could i have balloons for?!???? can't wait for you guys to find out!! #hideaway #17 tag a friend who hasn't heard the EP yet!???????? hair/makeup/wardrobe– @lisachirumbolo ????

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2. Daya is one of five sisters

Her sisters are Rachel, Avery and twins Celia and Mariana.

love these weirdos more than anything. #sistahs @averytandon @mar.tan @split_uber_fare @celiatandon

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3. She plays five instruments

At the age of three, she started playing the piano because of her older sister, Rachel. And now, Daya plays five instruments: piano, guitar, ukulele, flute and saxophone.

happï place

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4. She was a track star

Before her music career took off, she was a cross country and distance track runner for her high school team the Blue Devils. She helped the girls' relay qualify for finals at the PIAA Track and Field Championships in 2015. That relay went on to place 5th in the state of Pennsylvania. 

5. Daya's a high school graduate

Despite her insane schedule this year, the singer still managed to walk in her high school graduation just last month with her besties by her side.

onto the next phase of life with these dudes still hanging right by my side. love them more than words ????✨???????????? thx ivy

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6. She's tied for youngest female singer with a no. 1 hit

"Don't Let Me Down" has officially sent her into super stardom, tying her with Lorde as the youngest female singer with a no. 1 hit on American Top 40. And, it's No. 3 on Spotify's Global Top 50 playlist!

7. She's a salty snacks kind of gal

Sure, she's a pop star, but she still likes to treat herself to her fave savory treats, like Doritos and potatoes. See? Stars are just like us.


8. Daya released 'Hide Away' with an independent label, Artbeatz

Most people assume a big break in the music business can only come from a major label, but Daya and Artbeatz proved that all a new artist really needs is passion, a catchy song and strong vocals.

watch me hide away on stage w/ @whoisbritten in wallingford, Conneticut @kc101fm can't wait to see you alllll ???????? #hideaway #daya

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9. She's surpassed 190+ million streams of 'Hide Away' on Spotify

And we're still not over it!

best part of last night was right after this when i was on the rotating stage and it rotated out before i was announced so i was just standing there in front of everyone awkwardly waiting

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10. Daya somehow still had time to make it to her senior prom

She told InStyle magazine that she, "…went with a friend, so it was pretty low-key."


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